For some, weaning can seem like a daunting task but HiPP is here to help! We have helped wean babies for over 100 years and truly believe weaning should be a really positive experience for both you and your baby, just follow these simple steps and have fun!

What you’ll need:

  • Bibs... lots of bibs.
  • Some small baby bowls – or you can use cups, plastic lidded pots or ramekin dishes
  • A few small, shallow, rounded baby spoons 
  • Plenty of wipes, muslin cloths or tissues 
  • A good spot to sit: the whole process is much easier if your baby’s in a stable, age-appropriate seat, such as a high chair. Lots of savvy mums also add a towel or floor mat underneath to catch the inevitable spills and splatters.


Start at home or in a familiar environment where you feel comfortable and choose a time when your baby is peckish, but not starving.

Give your baby their usual milk feed first, before any solids (once your baby is used to being fed with a spoon you’ll be able to give the solids first and the milk after).

Use a clean spoon to put a small amount of food into a bowl for less wastage, warm gently by floating in a hot water bath or microwaving for just a few seconds. Take care when using a microwave as hot spots can occur. 

Put a bib on your baby or remove their clothes: some mums swear by this in the early stages when food tends to go everywhere. 

Stir the food well and test to make sure it’s lukewarm.

Offer just the tip of the spoon to begin with – once your baby gets the idea you can slowly increase the amount given.

Start by offering just a couple of spoonfuls once a day, and build up to offering food twice then three times a day over the next few weeks. Don’t worry about quantities too much at this stage as your baby will still be getting all the nutrients they need from their milk. This is to get them used to different tastes and textures. 

Take your time, smile and connect with your baby. Remember, there’s no rush! If your baby’s clearly not interested, that’s fine – just pack everything away and try again another day.


Go with the natural flow

Remember that every baby is different, so take your time and go at their pace. Don’t worry about what others are doing, enjoy it together. Find a routine that works for you. There is no set advice on what time of day solids should be offered so choose a time when you know your baby is happiest and most likely to accept new tastes. 

Go veg first

Babies naturally prefer sweeter tastes but it’s important to get them used to more savoury flavours so that they grow up to enjoy a variety of tastes. The earlier you introduce veg the better – babies will nearly always accept sweet tastes, so they aren’t necessary at this early stage.

Play with their food

To develop proper feeding habits babies need to see, smell and touch what they are eating so encourage your little one to get hands-on. It’s best to serve food in a way that allows your baby to see and smell it.


We believe that there are many great benefits of using jars to feed your baby. Here are just a few examples: 

- Feeding from jars gets babies used to eating from a spoon 

- Food in jars for babies aged 7 months onwards has lumpier textures. This encourages early chewing and helps aids babies’ jaw development 

- Jars are transparent which encourages babies to explore their food – they can see it, touch it and smell it which is essential to develop proper feeding habits plus it also means as a parent you can see how much food your baby is eating

- HiPP jars contain no artificial preservatives or additives, no added sugar and use 100% organic ingredients!


At some point at around 6 months of age, but not before 17 weeks, your baby will be developmentally ready to try solid food – a very exciting time! All babies are different and you might find that your baby is ready to accept solid foods a little sooner than this. Your health professional or midwife will be able to advise you on this, if you think that’s the case. So what foods should you start with? 

The first thing to keep in mind is that first foods need to be easy to digest. Steamed vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and courgette are a great choice for a first purée. Offer a tiny bit on a soft weaning spoon and see what happens! And if they’re not keen, don’t be disheartened – it may take several tastes for your baby to get to like a new flavour so try again in a few days’ time. Top tip: mixing in a bit of your baby’s usual milk into bitter veggies helps tone down the flavour. 

Remember, at this stage this is all about experimenting so your baby learns to enjoy different flavours and textures. They will still be getting their nutrients from their milk feeds!

We recommend starting with baby rice and gradually adding vegetables and fruit – try a variety of flavours to work out what your baby does and doesn’t like. Some flavours may be well accepted, others not so much, but it’s important to keep trying with those tastes that aren’t so liked. It can take up to 10 tries of a taste before a baby accepts it.


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