Face masks

In England, face coverings are now required by law in most indoor public places and on public transport. We stock a wide range of face coverings and face masks starting from just £4.50, including Three Ply Face Masks. Our disposable masks have either a 95% or 98% bacterial filtration efficiency and our reusable coverings will match any size... or personality. We also stock FFP2 NR protective level certified Face Masks that are designed to fit closer to the face, to improve comfort and protect the wearer from breathing in harmful particles.** Plus, our NEQI and Great British Designer range have been rated as Which? Best Buys for Face Coverings.

Boots recommends using a face covering or mask with proven filtration effectiveness, ensuring it is washed or safely disposed of after every use. We have a collection of Reusable Face Coverings and Disposable Face Masks with proven filtration effectiveness*, plus Filters to add to your existing face covering. If you're unsure whether your face covering has proven filtration levels, check to see if it has space for a filter. If so, you can add a Boots filter into your existing face covering for proven filtration. 

Whether you're looking for a three-layer face mask, black, colourful, reusable covering or a pack of handy disposable masks for when you need to make an essential trip out, our wide range has you covered.

*Boots Protective Face Masks: 95%+ bacterial filtration efficacy, compliant with BS EN 14683:2019. 
Boots Reusable Face Masks: 95% bacterial filtration for 10 washes. Wash after every use. Filter should be added after 10 washes, then replaced after every use. 

**Protects against solids, water-based aerosols and oil-based aerosols, reducing small particles inhaled & exhaled by the wearer. FFP2 NR Face Masks are the European equivalent to N95 respirator masks sold in the US.


Will a face mask provide protection from coronavirus (COVID-19)?

It’s important to note that wearing a face covering does not provide protection against coronavirus (COVID-19) but may help reduce the risk of transmission to others in some circumstances if you are carrying or showing symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19). Face coverings should not be used as a replacement for social distancing or self-isolation. Regular handwashing, covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, and not touching your face with unwashed hands still remain the most important actions according to the latest NHS and government guidance.

How do I wear my disposable face mask?

Please follow the instructions displayed on the back of the face mask packaging which will tell you how to correctly fit them around your mouth, nose and chin and secure with an ear loop fastening. It is important to wash your hands before and after fitting the mask. Once fitted on the face, you should avoid touching the mask with your hands to help reduce the risk of hand to mask transmission. If you do touch the mask, you should wash your hands again. Our disposable masks should be thrown away with household waste immediately after use. 

What type of reusable face masks do you sell?

We have a range of sustainable and reusable adults' and kids' face coverings available in a variety of sizes and colours. All of our reusable face masks are washable and should be washed after every wear. 

They're all made from breathable fabric and some have ties to adjust to your face, whilst others have elasticated ear loops which are non-adjustable.  

We also stock a reusable antibacterial face mask with accompanying filters. This mask features a FFP2 (N95) filter. A 5 layered filter with high filtration efficiency providing 95% protection against air polluting particles and effective for up to 40 hours use. After the 40 hours, the filter must be disposed of. 

Do I need to buy face coverings for my whole family including my children/kids?

It is not a mandatory requirement to wear a face covering outside of the house, however in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland it is mandatory to wear face coverings (which can include masks) in enclosed spaces where social distancing is not always possible, including in shops and on public transport.

Please note: the UK Government advises that face coverings should not be worn by children under two or children who cannot use them without assistance.  

I am worried about breathing difficulties whilst wearing a face mask, what should I do?

The UK Government advises that face coverings (which can include masks) should not be worn by those who may have breathing difficulties whilst wearing a face covering.

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