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Boots Core Dental Plan

Take care of your teeth and keep down the cost of trips to the dentist with the Core Dental Plan from Boots

The Boots Core Dental Plan reimburses you for the costs of most NHS dental treatments and has been designed in line with the NHS system of charging in England and Wales. You pay a single fee once your course of treatment is complete, even if you need to visit the dentist more than once.

Please note that to benefit under the Boots Core Dental Plan you must have an NHS dentist and will not be covered for any private treatment, except where the treatment is emergency dental treatment.

What's covered by the Boots Core Dental Plan?

The Core Plan provides cover for the following NHS treatment:

  • Routine dental treatment – including check-ups, x-rays and simple scalings, as well as treatments such as fillings, bridges and crowns
  • Accidental & Emergency treatment – up to the annual limit of £500 per person; no limit to the number of claims in a policy year. For accidental injury you can only claim for NHS treatments, up to the limits set out in the Core Policy Benefit table. For emergency dental treatment this can be completed by either an NHS or private dentist
  • Hospital Cash Benefit – £100 per night per insured person, up to a maximum of 50 nights per policy year.  Only applicable if you are admitted to hospital for dental treatment

You can find full details in the Policy Wording Core Plan Document.