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Like a drop of perfume behind the ear, at the nape of the neck, or in the décolleté, blending seamlessly into the skin to create a unique scent, Guerlain has left its mark on the history of modern fragrances since 1828.

The Maison’s series of olfactory creations tell tales both real and imagined, with perfumes inspired by romantic encounters, literary classics and journeys to distant lands. Examples include Shalimar, Samsara, Insolence and more recently, Mon Guerlain.

Since 2008, Thierry Wasser has been a worthy successor to the line of Guerlain perfumers. With the unmistakable mindset of a true craftsman, Wasser continues Guerlain’s bold tradition of combing the world for the most exclusive raw materials.

Discover an unparalleled range of fragrances from Guerlain to indulge the senses now.