Expert advice from our optometrists on keeping your glasses in great condition

Forget the corner of that t-shirt that you’re wearing or that tissue that’s screwed up in your pocket, there’s a better way to clean and care for your glasses. Because what’s better than squeaky clean specs?

The best way to clean your glasses

Grab yourself a microfibre cloth and some glasses spray, or a lens cleansing wipe, and safely buff away smudges and specks of dirt with these simple steps:

• Wash your hands

• Hold your glasses frames by the bridge while cleaning – the last thing you want is fingerprints all over your frames and lenses

• Spray the lenses, then polish them with the cloth using circular movements. If you’re using a lens wipe, unfold it and polish the lens in circular movements

• Wipe the frames with the cloth or wipe, then sit back and enjoy the view!

Don’t have any glasses spray or single use wipes to hand? You could use some warm water with a drop of washing up liquid to safely clean your glasses instead. While it might not do as good a job as the spray or wipes, it’ll tide you over until you can get your hands on the good stuff.

Looking after your glasses

Avoid accidental damage to your glasses by taking extra care at home. Those who fall asleep with specs on, or end up misplacing your glasses and then sitting on them – you know who you are! Check out our top tips, straight from the experts:

• Always keep your glasses in their case when they’re not being worn (that’s what the case is for!). This will stop them getting scratched

• Don’t rest glasses on top of your head in case they fall off and get damaged. This can also stretch them

• Always take glasses off using both hands to avoid stretching them and making them loose

• Remove your glasses when spraying hair products to help reduce damage to the lenses (while we’re here, try not to get spray in your eyes)

• Need to tighten the screws of your glasses? Rest the frames on a solid surface and be careful not to slip or scratch the lenses (or your hands!) as you tighten the screws

These top tips should help keep your specs in tip-top condition until we next see you.