Frida was invented in Sweden and raised in the U.S, but its clever product line is as relatable as it gets for parents from all over the world. This solution oriented brand is designed to help new/expecting parents navigate and cope with all things baby and parenthood. After all, no matter how you cut it, parenting can be challenging. That’s why Frida Baby and Frida Mom were created to make things a bit easier.

Frida Baby is home to a variety of newborn products that help you to help your baby. For instance, let’s start with the Nose Frida. When you think about things you need for a newborn, you probably immediately think about nappies, baby bottles and other common gifts for new parents. However, you may also want to consider the nasal aspirator from Frida Baby. Have you heard of Frida Baby NoseFrida the Snotsucker? Let’s face it; a baby with a stuffy nose is often a miserable one that may struggle to sleep. Give your little one some peace by sucking the snot out! The snotsucker lets you hear and see the snot leaving those precious nostrils, so you won’t have to guess if it’s working. If you are concerned about your baby’s stuffy nose it’s important you speak to speak to your health visitor or another healthcare professional.

If you’re seeking other gifts for expecting parents, consider the Frida Baby 3-in-1 Nose, Nail + Ear Picker. Babies have tiny, delicate body parts that require special tools. In the world of newborn essentials, this one should rank pretty high as well.

The Frida Baby line is home to tons of baby things that will simplify life. Whether you’re looking for a medicine dispenser designed to make it easier for your baby to swallow medicine or a gentle toothbrush that helps protects those soft gums, you’ll be able to find it all here.

While the baby claims most of the attention at home, Frida knows that there is no baby without mum. That’s why we created Frida Mom - your one-stop shopfor postpartum essentials and so much more.

Let’s start with the Labour and Delivery + Postpartum Recovery Kit. Trust us when we say that this kit is everything you need for your hospital bag essentials. We’re talking about everything from comfortable underwear to a toiletry bag for some of mum’s most-needed things.

Frida Mom also aims to take care of mum after delivery and pregnancy. The Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit definitely qualifies as one of the maternity bag essentials and postpartum bathroom essentials. We know that recovery can be tough. Frida Mom is here to ensure that no matter what, you won’t have to take it on by yourself.