Truth in beauty

An innovative, global British skincare brand, ELEMIS believes in ‘truth in beauty’

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Say hello to the best of British – we’re welcoming the luxury high performance British skincare brand, ELEMIS. This globally loved icon pushes the boundaries in skincare innovation, combining highly effective ingredients and cutting-edge delivery systems with indulgent textures and beautiful aromatics to look after the health of your skin, every step of its journey.

ELEMIS believes in

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1. Skin wellness

ELEMIS products work to protect your skin’s unique microflora and fight off daily aggressors, whilst promoting a healthy acid mantle.

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2. Proven results

Each new formula ELEMIS develops undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it delivers visible, proven results. The brand’s expert team will only release a new launch when they’re sure it makes a true difference to the skin.

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3. Feel-good skincare

With a background in aromatherapy, ELEMIS believes that skincare should be an indulgent sensorial experience, combining powerful ingredients with beautiful natural fragrances and luxurious textures for an uplifting moment of self-care.

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4. Transparent innovation

Developed at the ELEMIS Innovation Hub in the heart of London and produced in England, every ELEMIS product is crafted with the most demanding standards of quality and safety.

A note from ELEMIS’ co-founder

a portrait of Noella Gabriel, Elemis' co-founder

Noella Gabriel

ELEMIS Co-founder & Global President

“We are delighted to be launching British premium skincare brand, ELEMIS, into Boots – another true UK institution. A celebration of two home-grown icons, together we want to push the boundaries of beauty, with pro-skincare that harnesses the best of British, from locally sourced ingredients to cutting-edge formulations developed in London and made in England.”