Durex believes good sex should be for everyone.

Let’s worry less about how sex should look and celebrate how it can feel.

We believe in sex that’s open, honest, messy and fun.

We believe that a fun and safe sex life should be everyone’s to enjoy – no matter who you are or who you’re with.

We believe in recognising the problems, and fighting to fix them.

Sex that feels good – and does good.

We have over 90 years of experience creating a range of products designed to give you better experiences.

So challenge the norms, break the rules and stamp out stigmas.

Good sex for all.

We’ve got years of experience. 90 years manufacturing experience constantly innovating and improving products. We’re all about performance.

We’ve been making condoms with the finest raw materials since 1929 and so we know a thing or two about performance. And we don’t just mean in the bedroom (or wherever you’re doing it). Our condoms are electronically tested for holes, dermatologically tested for comfort, and they perform better than standard in global quality tests – so everyone everywhere is free to enjoy sex that feels good with anyone, anywhere.


*Allows more sensation versus Durex Thin Feel