No7 research shows that many women do not understand how the skin changes during perimenopause and menopause and there is a need for more education and information about the ingredients and products that can help visibly improve the skin during this life-stage. No7 has supported female empowerment, helping women live life on their own terms.

Five No7 Menopause Skincare products arranged against a white background.

9/10 would recommend this range

Co-created with over 7,000 menopausal women and dermatologist approved for menopausal skin. This skincare collection is expertly designed to target visual signs** of reduced oestrogen and collagen.

Suitable for sensitive skin, products within this range are proven to help skin look radiant and replenished within one week.††

Collectively, this range can help to target six visual signs of ageing** and here are the benefits:


*On No7 Menopause skincare. Cheapest free. Subject to availability.
**Visual skin signs that the collective range targets: dull skin, dry skin, lack of firmness

†Consumer studies after using this full range

††Consumer studies: includes serum, day and night cream

‡Appearance of collagen depleted skin relates to: Dull, Dry, Fine Lines, Lack of Firmness

‡‡Consumer studies