Founded by Renzo Rosso in 1978, Diesel has always been a brand that inspires the courage to challenge conformity and step out of your comfort zone. Diesel aftershaves and perfumes are unique, made for men and women who know what they want and dare to go after it. The olfactory expression of the urban free-spirited, Diesel fragrances exploits the classic codes of perfumery with an unconventional and daring twist – most notably D by Diesel – the new fragrance for men and women which celebrates togetherness and combines notes of ginger, denim and vanilla . Diesel also celebrates it’s cult-classics, Diesel Only The Brave, Diesel Fuel For Life, Diesel Bad, and Diesel Loverdose, each scent has a unique character with passion at the heart of each note.

Rosso created the brand slogan “ONLY THE BRAVE” as a manifesto of the Diesel spirit, combining strong heritage with a modern vision and inspiring our iconic Brave fragrances. The Brave crew is a tribute to masculinity, courage and determination. This powerful collection celebrates self-achievement, strength, and self-confidence, and the Brave bottles are shaped like a fist to embody these core values. The iconic collection features the celebrated SOUND OF THE BRAVE, the determined ONLY THE BRAVE, the fearless ONLY THE BRAVE TATTOO, the expressive ONLY THE BRAVE STREET and the playful SPIRIT OF THE BRAVE. Being part of the Brave crew means becoming your own hero; which Brave man are you?