Pro-Biotic Balancing range

Dramatically improves the look of dry, sensitive skin in 7 days*

Our ultra-gentle Liz Earle Pro-Biotic skincare range leaves even the most sensitive, dry, reactive-feeling skin looking visibly healthier, without stripping any of your skin’s goodness. Harnessing a naturally active blend of pre, pro and postbiotics, our dermatologically tested range is scientifically proven to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier, and keep your skin’s microflora balanced for 24 hours**. The results? The look of dry, sensitive skin is dramatically improved in 7 days!*

Pro-biotic ingredients

Fermented oats

Jojoba oil


Lunaria oil

Fermented oats – The oats contain pre, post and pro-biotics and are fermented to produce a unique strain of Lactobacillus (friendly bacteria), known to help strengthen skin’s moisture barrier, protecting against sensitivity.

Jojoba oil – Very similar to our own skin oils, meaning it sinks in easily, smoothing and promoting a healthy-looking glow without clogging pores or leaving residue.

Chicory – Chicory contains a natural source of pre-biotics, the food that our beneficial microflora thrive on and known to promote their healthy growth.

Lunaria oil – This is naturally rich in skin-compatible fatty acids, known to provide long-lasting hydration and help strengthen skin’s moisture barrier.



*Consumer trial on 363 women

**Based on an instrumental study of 19 women demonstrating no change to their skin’s usual microbiome