Pro-Biotic Balancing range

Dramatically improves the look of dry, sensitive skin in 7 days*

Our ultra-gentle Liz Earle Pro-Biotic skincare range leaves even the most sensitive, dry, reactive-feeling skin looking visibly healthier, without stripping any of your skin’s goodness. Harnessing a naturally active blend of pre, pro and postbiotics, our dermatologically tested range is scientifically proven to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier, and keep your skin’s microflora balanced for 24 hours**. The results? The look of dry, sensitive skin is dramatically improved in 7 days!*

Pro-biotic ingredients

Fermented oats

Jojoba oil


Lunaria oil

Fermented oats – The oats contain pre, post and pro-biotics and are fermented to produce a unique strain of Lactobacillus (friendly bacteria), known to help strengthen skin’s moisture barrier, protecting against sensitivity.

Jojoba oil – Very similar to our own skin oils, meaning it sinks in easily, smoothing and promoting a healthy-looking glow without clogging pores or leaving residue.

Chicory – Chicory contains a natural source of pre-biotics, the food that our beneficial microflora thrive on and known to promote their healthy growth.

Lunaria oil – This is naturally rich in skin-compatible fatty acids, known to provide long-lasting hydration and help strengthen skin’s moisture barrier.


There are three types of biotics as each has a distinct and equally important role to play in your skin microbiome…

• Prebiotics are the food that our beneficial microflora thrive on and are known to promote their healthy growth.

• Probiotics are the cells of microflora themselves and aim to supplement the types of beneficial bacteria on your skin.

• Postbiotics are naturally produced by beneficial microflora and are known to help maintain an optimum environment and pH balance for microflora to thrive.

The Liz Earle Probiotic Balancing Milk Cleanser is ideal for those who have dry, sensitive, reactive feeling skin, looking for a gentle, soothing cleanse, or those who prefer the convenience of single-step rinse-off cleanser.

If you’re already using other Liz Earle products then you can absolutely mix and match to use our Pro-biotic Balancing Range as part of your routine, particularly suitable for when skin is sensitive, dry or reactive-feeling (for example due to the effects of weather/temperature changes, hormonal imbalances or lack of sleep and stress on skin).

The microbiome, along with the moisture barrier, is part of skin’s first line of defence and is populated by a diverse range of beneficial microorganisms on the uppermost layers of your skin, known as microflora. Unique to you, when your skin’s microbiome is out of balance, due to lifestyle and environmental factors, disturbances such as blemishes, sensitivity and dryness can occur.


*Consumer trial on 363 women

**Based on an instrumental study of 19 women demonstrating no change to their skin’s usual microbiome