Toners, serums, cleansers, moisturisers, masks… sometimes skincare can be *pretty* confusing. But if the products I use do what they say, surely the order I put them on my face doesn’t really matter? Well, turns out the order of application is pretty important in making sure you’re getting the maximum benefits out of all your products, making sure the ingredients actually penetrate the skin’s barrier, so you receive the full benefits. Let’s make things simple, here’s the order you should apply your skincare products.

We’ve got the lowdown below…

Step 1. Cleanser

When: Daily, AM & PM

Why: *A MUST* for both morning and evening. Make sure to refresh skin and remove impurities with a morning cleanse, using a clean flannel to really remove that dirt or sweat.


Step 2. Mask or exfoliate

When: Optional, this isn’t something you should be doing daily.

Why: Exfoliate once a week and mask 1-2 times per week, all depending on how your skin is feeling.


Step 3. Toner

When: Daily, AM & PM

Why: A toner makes sure any dirt, grime or make-up you’ve missed from your cleanser is fully gone whilst perfectly prepping your skin for everything that follows, making those products work extra hard.


Step 4. Serums

When: Daily, AM & PM

Why: Time to really target your specific skincare concern whether that’s dryness, irritation, breakouts… or a mix of all three, you can use a different one in the morning than the evening, or layer them together before bed.


Step 5. Moisturisers

When: Daily, AM & PM

Why: A skin_care must-have – your moisturiser. Whether you’re on the oily side or super dry, help balance skin and give it the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, calm and balanced.


PS… don’t forget SPF is your BFF (apply it every morning at the end of your routine).