Find your lube

Better sex, fun or long lastingness? We’ve got you covered

Turn your ‘oh’ into the big-o

The Durex lube collection is designed to bring smoothness and extra stimulation to your sessions. What’s not to like? With a different kind of goodness in every bottle, we have lots to choose from including water-based lube, lube that doubles up as massage gel, fruit flavoured lube, silicone-based lube for ‘up all night’ pleasure and even lube that warms and tingles.

How thick?

You need to know how thick you want your lube to be. Durex has wide range of lubes from thick lubes, for a mess free application to slippery lubes, for longer lasting sessions with no pause.

Lube base

Just as important as thickness is the lube base. Water-based lubes for a natural feeling or silicone-based for lasting lubrication.

Extra benefits

There’s more to some lubes than you might think. Fruit flavoured lubes, lubes that double up as a massage gel or lubes that warm and tingle.