B L I N K ®



The blink® eye care range is scientifically formulated to help replenish what modern living takes out - leaving you and your eyes looking and feeling their best.

Symptoms of dry eye can range from uncomfortable, tired or itchy eyes to more bothersome symptoms such as a burning or gritty sensation or persistent watery eyes. If your symptoms of eye irritation are severe, associated with a change in vision, or you are experiencing pain, please seek advice from your GP urgently.

Please read and retain the manufacturer’s instruction leaflet for a full list of precautions and instructions for use of all blink® eyecare products. blink® Intensive, blink® Intensive PLUS, blink® Triple Action and blink® Contacts are trademarks of Johnson & Johnson Medical Ltd. Third-party trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.

Boots Opticians provide advice and recommend any products which may help.

blink® is a trademark of Johnson & Johnson Medical Ltd, 2023.