The Dermexa range

Clinically proven to help moisturise & soothe baby’s dry, itchy skin*

Discover the Dermexa range for dry, itchy & eczema-prone skin

Choose the right ingredients

Oatmeal, a topical ingredient, has been used for centuries to moisturise skin as it contains large molecules that hang on to moisture. It keeps the acidity of the skin balanced and can help to reduce itching through its calming effect.

Manage bath time with care

Use moisturising products and try to avoid over-perfumed products. AVEENO Baby Dermexa™ Moisturising Wash is gentle on a baby’s skin and paraben-free. Let your baby enjoy warm water for just a few minutes in the bath or a shower, so skin won’t dry out. Always rinse thoroughly, pat all areas dry and immediately moisturise.


*DMX Wash - Clinical Study, 52 participants,2018. DMX Cream - Clinical Study, 71participants, 2011. DMX Night Cream – ClinicalStudy, 40 participants, 2016.