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Adam Reed’s years of expertise are infused into the ARKIVE line-up. Beyond creating great hair, his aim is to create a world that makes a positive difference to how people feel about themselves. We want to introduce you to two of Adam’s favourites from the ARKIVE line-up, ALL TOGETHER NOW Co Cleanse and THE GOOD HABIT Hybrid Oil.

Introducing: ALL TOGETHER NOW Co Cleanse

Co cleansing is the gentle way to clean your hair. Our 98.97% natural formula uses an oil-based cleansing system, including Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter. Perfect for maintaining natural moisture, this formula respects your hair and scalp. It will help to maintain your natural volume, and a more lived-in feel which is perfect for styling. Our Co Cleanse will also help to enhance your natural curl pattern, from fine to coily hair. Massage well into your roots, and rinse thoroughly. This conditioning formula won’t foam, so make sure you wash off for a little longer than you would with shampoo. Use with THE SCENE SETTER Hybrid Pomade to give your hair some real texture and volume. For even more shine, use with THE GOOD HABIT Hybrid Oil.

Meet: THE GOOD HABIT Hybrid Oil

THE GOOD HABIT Hybrid Oil combines Baobab and Jojoba oils, which treat your hair with an ultra-light daily dose ofmoisture and shine. Not only does thisformula give your hair that healthy boost, it also smells of our delightfully fresh and floral fragrance - Future Bloom. Just one pump will do the trick for shorter hair, or two pumps for longer thicker locks. Distribute through your damp and freshly washed hair and blow-dry to finish.