Relax this Christmas

Take the stress out of the festive season with these top tips

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year, bringing family and friends together to show them how much they mean to you with a gift or social soiree. But we know it doesn't go without its pressures. Take a look at our helpful hints and top tips on how to make sure it's a stress-free Christmas full of smiles.

The dinner, the presents, the outfits. There’s a lot to plan come Christmas, and with trying to catch up with everyone from your gran to your BFF, free time is not always in your favour. Things don’t have to be so tough though, with a bit of planning things can change from bonkers to a breeze. Here’s how to make things a little easier:

Love lists 

Work out what needs to be done and when with a to-do list, and set yourself small achievable deadlines so day-to-day life can be taken in manageable chunks.

Shop online

It’s not only a great timesaver but you can also do it wrapped up in your dressing gown at home. Win win!

Get your beauty sleep

There’s nothing worse than losing sleep over worry. Try a sleep helper, like This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray to help send you off into sweet, sweet dreams.

Ask for help 

Holding the big day at yours? Why not get your friends to help out for the day to give the place a spruce before the family arrive – leaving you more time to spend on that delicious meal.

Deep breaths of freshness

Invest in a diffuser like Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Relaxing Reed Diffuser, to help create a beautiful relaxing environment that calms and delights your senses.

Take some time out for you

In the hype of exciting festivities and everything that goes with them, don’t forget to look after number one. Here are our top ways to help you stay your tip-top self whilst celebrating all things Christmas:

Let your hair down 

You may have a list of to-dos as long as your arm but everyone needs to let a little steam off now and again. Whether that is getting the girls over for a movie night, or dancing all night long at the office party, it’s good to release.

Soak it up

Run a bath, add some bubbles or a bath bomb and switch off from the outside world… ahh, bliss.

Set the mood

Stark bright lights do nothing to help us relax. Tone things down by lighting some beautiful scented candles.*

Treat yourself 

Trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list can sometimes feel like a lot of pressure, so lift your mood with a little gift just for you. Why not treat yourself to something like the Champneys Luxury Fleece Robe, or a special Christmas manicure? Go on, you deserve it.

*Be sure to never leave a burning candle unattended

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