Christmas party handbag essentials

Whether your party clutch is oversized or a little on the cosy side, we’ve got all the essentials you’ll need to see you through the night

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! No, not Christmas morning - the Christmas party of course! But mastering that tricky chignon, working those painful platforms, and keeping the dreaded ‘lipstick teeth’ at bay is a challenge. So to help you get through the night (gracefully) here’s our collection of handbag must-haves, from Tangle Teezers and Invisibobbles so you can shake it off on the dance floor, to concealer and setting spray for those all-important touch-ups.

Before we reveal our little party lifesavers, let’s consider a few things. Is the venue super casual or castle chic? Will dinner be served, or are we looking at a sunrise cheesy chips situation? Will the outfit be fancy or fancy dress? Have a good think about night ahead of time; it could help decide if there’s room for that bronzer or if the packet of mints takes its place.

Your handbag essentials

Luscious lipstick

First and foremost: that dazzling smile. No matter how mini your clutch or cross-body, there’s always room for your lippie. Normally we’d go for the classic red, but this year it's all about metallics – and if you ask us, they look great on all skin tones and complement any outfit colour. If you still want to keep a touch of rouge, try Barry M Metallic Lip Kit in Prestige. It’s the perfect balance of shimmer and drama.

Comfort classics

With your lipstick in the bag, now it’s time to talk comfort. Taking your shoes off before the band starts is strictly a no-go, so let’s get an emergency pack of Boots Invisible Gel Cushions in that handbag. Then there’s the problem of perspiration; that scarlet dress might look great but there’s no getting away from sweat patches after the DJ finally plays All I Want For Christmas. As an alternative to your regular deodorant, pack a Bronnley Crimson Cloud Eau de Toilette Rollerball instead. Now available in handbag size, it’s a little bit of floral heaven, and sure is to go down a treat in the Ladies' come midnight. 

Hair heroes

Feeling fresh? Let’s not spoil things with a messy up-do that just looks… messy. This is where your trusty Tangle Teezer and Invisibobbles come in, because when those loose waves have gone wild, you’ll be glad to have them to tame the mane. The Rose Gold Luxe Compact Styler is as pretty as it is practical, while those genius transparent bobbles will have a last-minute low pony looking effortlessly chic. 

Must-have mirror

Last but not least: the compact. In case the bathrooms are overloaded and you need to find a quiet corner to fix your eyeliner, opt for the Boots Magnifying Compact Mirror. Then simply squeeze in any other essentials you can’t bear to part with, and you’re ready to get your disco on. 

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