WIlkinson Sword has been “making razor and blades since 1772 so we know a thing or two about mastering a close shave.” We’ve faced battles, traversed terrains and learnt a lot along the way. In fact, we believe no one knows blades better, it’s in our DNA. We’ve been on a mission to create the finest razor blades for the last 250 years and we will strive to keep making them better than ever before. With a Wilkinson Sword razor in your hand, you can have a masterful shave every time.

From our Ultra Glide® blades and water-activated gel reservoirs in our Hydro range, to the flexible blade technology of our Xtreme 3 disposable razors or our robust classic double edge men’s razors, Wilkinson Sword has the perfect shave for you. Our blade-making prowess stretches right back to the battlefields of old – so we know a thing or two about a close shave. For comfort, precision and a smooth result, put your morning shave, beard and skincare routine in the hands of the blade masters.

Are you ready to create that barbershop feeling in your own bathroom? Whatever life throws at you, whatever you want to do, or whoever you want to be, our Wilkinson Sword Barber’s Style range will ensure your beard and skincare routine makes you look and feel ready for anything. Our new premium grade grooming range, Barber’s Style Shave CreamFace MoisturiserBeard BalmBeard Oil and Face Wash is the key to a fresher, better-smelling and more confident you.

Specially formulated with natural ingredients, our Barber’s Style range gives you the reassurance that you will get the performance, feel and look you demand, whilst making shaving and caring for your skin easier than ever. Have you discovered the ingredients of your confidence?