From expert-led workouts to de-stressing guided meditations and positive affirmations, these motivational apps provide instant inspiration for your daily routine to help start your day on the right foot

Does anyone else find looking at their phone a bit stressful? In between the emails and WhatsApp messages that have gone unanswered, it can often feel like a tool for tiredness rather than relaxation. The constant demand from our devices can make us feel frustrated; so, downloading a motivational app could be the key for seeing it in a new light.

Great for helping you view your notifications with joy rather than dread, the current wave of inspirational apps that have hit our app stores can help with everything from stress to healthy eating and positive mantras to provide some much-needed support for navigating the highs and lows of everyday life.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the most useful ones, ranging from the best free motivational apps for iPhone and Androids to motivation apps for Apple Watches. 

Finally, a reason to look at our screens that won’t leave us feeling drained.

7 of the best motivation apps to download now

Best daily motivation app

Try: Motivation - Daily Quotes

• Free

You no longer need to search Instagram for your daily dose of life motivation thanks to this app that brings it straight to your phone. Simply select the categories that interest you and you’ll receive positive reminders and inspirational quotes to get you through the tough times and encouragement for new chapters such as a new job, new relationship or new fitness routine.


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Best at-home workout app

Try: Peloton

• £12.99 a month

• 30-day trial available

While most famous for their high tech at-home bikes, you don’t actually need one to access the app which is a relief because it’s full of amazing workouts to keep your daily routine varied, challenging and interesting. Whether you’re looking for a HIIT class, a yoga session, strength training or a guided meditation, you’ll find it here. The instructors are fantastic too – motivating without being over-the-top or intimidating, you’ll soon have your favourites whose classes you won’t want to miss. The music is pretty hard to beat too.


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Looking for some more workout inspiration? Check out our guide to the best at-home workouts.

Best healthy eating motivation app

Try: MyFitnessPal

• Free

• 30-day free trial available for MyFitnessPal Premium

What sets this app apart from the competition is its incredible food database which gives you access to over 1.4 million foods (including a range of restaurant items), the largest of its kind it claims, to help you with your nutrition goals. 

The free version allows you to log your meals from this extensive database. Upgrade to the Premium version though and you’ll also be able to track metrics such as your macros for a handy breakdown of your carb, fat and protein intake, and access to guided fitness and nutrition plans, food insights, meal ideas, recipe inspiration and more.


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Best guided meditation app

Try: Headspace

• 7-day free trial, £9.99 a month afterwards or

• 14-day free trial, £49.99 a year afterwards

Whether you’re a meditation or mindfulness novice or you’re looking for a new way to update your current practice, this app can help. Taking the stress out of finding a de-stressing routine, it has hundreds of guided meditations to choose from led by experts such as Headspace co-founder, Andy Puddicombe, and covering a range of goals such as better stress and anxiety management, improved sleep and increased resilience. 

Want to give the gift of peace of mind? Have a browse of our range of Headspace Giftcards (£30) that offer 6-month pre-paid memberships. From sleep to health and mind, they're certain to provide a pocket of much-needed calm among the chaos of everyday life.


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Best sleep app

Try: Calm

• 7-day free trial

• £35.99 a year afterwards

So technically this will have you staying in bed, but if you’re well-rested, there’s a good chance that it’ll have you jumping out of it too. This app is definitely up to the task thanks to its wide range of guided meditations, breathing exercises and Sleep Stories narrated by the likes of Regé-Jean Page, Dame Mary Berry and Matthew McConaughey. Suffice to say with that line-up, it makes the prospect of incorporating a bit of mindfulness into our day all the more interesting.


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Best daily motivation and positive affirmation app

Try: Think Up

• Free

If you’re prone to negative thought patterns, this daily motivation app can help thanks to its variety of positive affirmations designed to encourage positive self-talk. The free version grants you access to hundreds of affirmations, as well as an option to create a sample recording in your own voice for four of your chosen words of wisdom. You’ll also find advice on best practice in order to get the most out of them and, if you upgrade to the Premium version, a choice of music for even greater personalisation.


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Best fitness motivation app

Try: Fitbit Premium

• £8.99 a month

• 90-day free trial available

If you’re finding that you’re stuck on a loop of sleep, desk, repeat, this app provides the perfect helping hand for breaking the cycle. Alone, it tracks basic stats and provides a selection of free workouts. However, it’s best when paired with a Fitbit tracker or smartwatch for a deeper dive into your wider lifestyle and how factors such as your activity, workouts, sleep, diet and stress levels all fit together. 

For the ultimate Fitbit experience though, try Fitbit Premium which unlocks valuable habit-forming programs, audio and video workouts and advanced health insights into your sleep quality, stress management and more. It comes in at £8.99 a month, but there’s a 90-day free trial available for new users. Certain Fitbit models also come with a free trial included. See our full Fitbit range and read our guide for finding the best fitness trackers to find the Fitbit that’s best for your needs.


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