Vietnam landscape

Travel health advice for Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country and one often frequented by people travelling around Asia. Its rich history makes it a very popular destination for people travelling the world, but as with all forms of travel it’s not without its dangers. There are a number of diseases you could encounter in Vietnam, including rabies and Japanese encephalitis. 

If you’re planning on travelling to Vietnam, you should seek advice 6-8 weeks before jetting off to find out which vaccinations you should consider to help prevent you from getting some of these illnesses. Our pharmacists will help determine whether you fall into any high risk groups and can help you work out which vaccinations to consider depending on things like:

  • Which regions you are visiting 
  • What activities you are doing 
  • Your age and general health

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We recommend booking an appointment with a Boots pharmacist six to eight weeks before you travel. However, even if time is short, we can still help you with options to consider.

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Diseases in Vietnam

Below are some of the diseases you could need protection against when you’re in Vietnam. 

You can use our quick check tool to get a list of diseases that may be present in the country and vaccinations to consider for your destination.


Malaria is a risk in the southern provinces of Tay Ninh, Lam Dong, Dac Lac, Gia Lai and Kon Tum, as well as in all other rural areas of the country. The risk is very low in the Mekong River delta up to the border with Cambodia.

Malaria is a blood infection which can be fatal. It’s transmitted by mosquitoes, so it’s best to avoid being bitten by taking steps like using mosquito nets and insect repellent. 

Anti-malaria tablets may be recommended to you depending on your travel plans. Our pharmacist