From what’s changed to what’s new & what’s stayed the same, here’s what awaits you in store (& online). Spoiler alert: you’re going to want everything

We love a beauty comeback here at Boots Health & Beauty. From the ‘70s flicks and curls to the '90s statement lip, the past is constantly providing us with inspiration for the future – and this month sees one of the best returns yet with the highly anticipated relaunch of 17, exclusively at Boots.

Formerly known as Seventeen Cosmetics, now 17, the much-loved brand is back with a new look and new products, covering everything from foundations and blushes to eyeshadows, mascaras, brows, lips and more. But it gets better – it all costs £5 or under, proving that you needn’t break the bank to get your hands on top quality make-up (or wait until payday).

The all-vegan line-up has just launched online and is landing in stores on 21 February, providing unbelievable beauty at an unbelievable price, alongside fresh packaging, next-gen formulations and the return of some cult faves. Mixing the nostalgic with the new, it provides welcome make-up inspo as we step into spring.

Want to know more? Two members of our Boots Health & Beauty team – Ayesha Muttucumaru and Kelly Holgate – put some of the most buzzed-about products through their paces and got testing to provide the inside scoop. Here’s what they thought…

17 Ultimate Lasting Curl Mascara in Jet Black

• Size: 9.5ml

• Ophthalmologically tested

• Vegan

Kelly: Finding the perfect mascara can be one of beauty’s biggest quests, but 17 may have answered my call with its Ultimate Lasting Curl Mascara. It comes in a cute yellow pastel tube and features a cobra brush, perfect for creating that sought-after lash lift. It’s very light – I couldn’t feel it on my lashes – and I noticed that va-va-voom after only one coat. It also contains waterproof properties and is ophthalmologically tested, meaning your peepers are protected. 

Top tip: Look down and wiggle the wand upwards on your bottom lashes, catching your top lashes at the same time. Oh hello volume…

17 Extreme Extension Lengthening Mascara in Navy

• Size: 12ml

• Ophthalmologically tested

• Vegan

Ayesha: If there’s one make-up product I didn’t think would make it back into my make-up bag, it’s blue mascara. Coincidentally, I may well have been 17 when I last used it (probably at my school’s mufti day) and using one again instantly transported me back. 17’s version is (thankfully) a more sophisticated upgrade to the one that I used in my teenage years – it looks bright blue when straight out of the tube, but it dries down to a deeper version that flashes navy when it catches the light. I also loved its lengthening brush, with its bristles hugging and elongating every lash. 

Top tip: Mix it up to suit your mood. Whether applied to your top or bottom lashes or both, coloured mascara can be a great way to subtly change up your look, whichever way you choose to wear it.

17 Eye Flicks Pen in Black

• Ophthalmologically tested

• Vegan

Kelly: This nifty little pen is perfect for creating a quick winged look and trust me when I say it makes easy work of even the trickiest of liner looks. The pointed tip gives you perfect precision, which is great if you’re anything like me and don’t have the steadiest of hands! It dries down super quick and once it’s on, it’s on, meaning you don’t have to worry about smudges throughout the day. My favourite thing about this wonder pen is the silky-sheen finish, which is a change from the usual matte liners I’m used to. 

Top tip: For even more precise liner application, why not grab a beauty sponge and use it to help hold your eye taut as you apply? This also helps avoid smudging any base make-up with your fingers – double win!

17 Ink Legend Tattoo Eyeliner in Bronze

• Ophthalmologically tested

• Vegan

Ayesha: If, like me, black or brown is your default colour when it comes to liquid eyeliner, this molten metal is a great alternative to take you outside of your comfort zone. It provides subtle hints of luminosity – ideal for waking up tired eyes or for an instant dose of glamour come the evening. And, just like its name suggests, it Does. Not. Budge. It’ll only come off when you come at it with make-up remover and pad in hand (opt for a dual-phase option so that it disappears with ease).

Top tip: For maximum impact, forgo eyeshadow and wear it alone – it looks amazing winged out and taken into the inner corners of the eyes. Team with a pair of false lashes for extra oomph and you’re good to go!

17 Eyeshadow Palettes

• Size: 9 x 0.8g

• Each palette contains nine shades

• Vegan

Kelly tried Glitter: Eyeshadow palettes are my weakness, especially anything with sparkle, and this 17 palette is no exception. It comes with nine shades, including shimmers and pressed pigments and it tells a beautiful colour story, with a mix of pinks, golds and even a bold green – perfect for bringing out brown or hazel eyes. I was impressed by the pigment and loved how easy each eyeshadow was to apply – I didn’t even need to use an eyeshadow brush for this as they glided on like a dream.

Top tip: For super staying power, pair with 17 Eye Primer, and for even more pigment pay off, add a spritz of setting spray to the shadow then apply.

Ayesha tried Golden: At just £5, I was a little dubious at how much colour pay off these shadows would provide, but was pleasantly surprised. This palette proves that high impact doesn’t necessarily need to have a high price tag, particularly where shimmer shades are concerned. Their buttery texture melded with the warmth of my fingertips beautifully to blend seamlessly across my lids. From golds to bronzes and browns, there’s an array of shades to choose from that will help add warmth and richness to a wide range of eye make-up looks.

Top tip: If you’ve got your eye on the shimmer shades, apply your foundation and concealer afterwards so that you’re able to clean up any fallout with minimal faff. 

17 Light Reflect Liquid Highlighter in Champagne

• Size: 15ml

• Vegan

Kelly: Cream beauty products are my go-to for a gorgeous base, and this golden wonder in shade Champagne is perfect for creating that lit-from-within glow. A little goes a long way so you only need to apply a small amount, and don’t be put off by the pigment as it sheers out into a lovely, soft finish. It also contains shea butter, which can help boost skin's moisture.

Top tip: Give your complexion a healthy glow by adding a couple of drops to your foundation.

Ayesha: This highlighter is like a tube of liquid gold – an instant pop of luminosity that complemented and enhanced the warmer undertones of my skin. I used it on the tops of my cheekbones and along my brow bones, with only a small amount needed to catch the light. My dry winter skin also welcomed the moisturising formula – is there a body version? If so, I’d bathe in the stuff.

Top tip: Give it a shake beforehand and avoid my initial mistake of putting too much on. Start slow and build up the intensity gradually. As Kelly says, a little goes a long way, making it even more of a beauty bargain.

17 High Shine Lip Crayons

• Vegan

Kelly tried Toffee Peach: My favourite kind of lip look is ‘your lips but better’, so I’m a sucker for a hydrating nude I can wear everyday. I paired this lip crayon with 17 Lip Define Pencil in Dusty Peach, which contains nourishing ingredients, including vitamin E and coconut oil, so my lips were primed and ready to go. Toffee Peach is the perfect nude – it’s subtle, and leaves your lips looking fabulous and feeling hydrated, while appearing like you’re wearing nothing.

Top tip: Apply a small amount to the heel of your hands and gently press onto your cheeks, for a subtle wash of bronze on those no-make-up-make-up days.

Ayesha tried Berry Red: I love balmy lip products and this one has fast become a new favourite of mine thanks to its moisturising formula and impressive pigment. What makes it particularly stand out is its slim tip, which offers a degree of precision – ideal for keeping my efforts around my cupid’s bow within bounds. I teamed it with the 17 Lip Define Pencil in Retro Red for extra intensity, but would happily use it alone on days when I’m looking for something a little more exciting than my lip balm. 

Top tip: Use a lip scrub to gently exfoliate lips beforehand to provide the perfect base and a super-smooth finish. 

17: Q&A

What happened to the original Seventeen Cosmetics brand?

The original Seventeen brand was discontinued in 2018, much to the disappointment of its legion of fans. Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder though and v2.0 looks like it’ll do its predecessor proud with the return of some fan favourites and impressive formula updates.  

Does 17 test on animals? 

No, the whole line-up is kind to our furry friends.

Is 17 vegan? 

Yes, it is. 

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