The lowdown on vitamin C in skincare

It's time to meet your skincare squeeze

You’re probably used to pouring yourself a tall, cool glass of orange juice to start your day, but did you know you can give your skin a morning boost with the beauty power player that is vitamin C?  It’s one of the most highly searched skincare ingredients, with more and more brands releasing serums, tonics, masks and more to add to our ever growing skincare shelf.

But what exactly are skincare benefits of vitamin C, and just how should you use it? Amanda Bell, Global Director of Makeup Artistry and Education for Pixi Skincare, says ‘The benefits of vitamin C in your skincare routine are multiple, making it a perfect daily maintenance ingredient for your skin. For a brighter complexion and even skin tone, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, vitamin C is an essential ingredient.’

How much vitamin C do I need in my skincare?

‘The right concentration is important’, says Dr Mike Bell, scientific skincare advisor at Boots. ‘While vitamin C in different forms can be effective at lower levels, you need concentrations of 5% or more of the most active form of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) for it to have an impact on collagen and skin structural integrity.’

Amanda Bell adds, ‘Vitamin C can be applied topically through a skincare regime allowing the powerful antioxidant to perform its skin-brightening, hyperpigmentation-correcting and skin tone-evening benefits.’

With any new skincare product it’s important to build up slowly so your skin can acclimatise on its own terms. Add a little vitamin C two to three times a week, and if it feels good then increase this to a daily dose of glow-glow juice.

What about the different formats?

Serums, masks, cleansers, tonics, moisturisers ; it might seem tricky navigating your way around vitamin C skincare,  but here are a few rules we love to live by that will help you along the way:

• Serums tend to contain higher  concentrations of active ingredients than creams or lotions, so add one to your skincare routine and say hello to that glow

• Cleansers and masks are great for sensitive skin, as they are only in contact with skin for a short time

• Always apply skincare products in order of consistency – from thinnest (serums) to thickest (moisturiser)

• Pairing vitamin C with hyaluronic acid is a great way to give dehydrated skin a splash of moisture

Now you’ve got the juice on all things vitamin C, here are our top  juicy picks:

Nip+Fab Vitamin C Serum

A zesty skincare cocktail

This vibrantly packaged power house also contains green tea extract and carrot oil to help brighten and even your skin tone. Simply apply to a freshly cleansed face first thing in the morning  to add some zest to your routine.

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Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Vitamin C Booster

Our hydration hero

If you’re looking for skincare that packs a punch then this is the one for you. This serum contains a whopping 10% freshly activated vitamin C, as well as hyaluronic acid to help hydrate and smooth the skin. It also promises more radiant skin in seven days, so why not leave us a review and let us know your thoughts?

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La Roche-Posay Pure Vitamin C 10 Serum

One for sensitive skin

Looking to dip your toe in the vitamin sea? This has been tested on sensitive skin, so it’s a great pick if you’ve never tried vitamin C skincare. It also has a gorgeous fresh scent, and is non-greasy, so you’ll glow in all the right ways.

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Pixi Vitamin-C Tonic

Your daily dose of glow

Pixi’s Amanda Bell says, ‘Vitamin C helps boost your skin's collagen production to give you plumper and firmer skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.’ Which makes this gorgeous tonic (aka toner) a top pick for all skin types, plus its alcohol free so won’t zap skin’s moisture.

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Garnier SkinActive Vitamin C Shot Fresh-Mix Tissue Mask

Shaken, not stirred

Say hello to the first ‘mix-it-yourself’ face mask! It features a tissue mask and a vitamin C shot ready for you to mix up and apply. Once mixed, the tissue is instantly transformed into a soft gel with a bouncy cushion texture that perfectly fits to the face to re-plump the skin with moisture.

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Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Glow Boost Skin Serum

Brighten up your day

Serums should be the first skincare saviour you apply (after cleansing and toning of course) and this glow booster is a great addition to your morning and night-time routine. It also contains hyaluronic acid which is a dream come true for dehydrated skin.

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Your Good Skin Balancing Skin Concentrate

Only the good stuff

Life can be a balancing act, so this little treat from Your Good Skin means your skin is one less thing to juggle. As well as vitamin C (come on, you know the benefits by now) it also contains green tea, Sphinganine (great for helping to reduce shine) and Japanese Lily Turf (fab for helping to retain moisture) For the best results, apply before and after snoozing.

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Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Crème

Wake up before you make-up

A banana bright crème that contains vitamin C; it’s not as confusing as it sounds. This cult skincare wonder contains make-up artist’s must-have ‘banana powder’, which helps colour correct the eye area, as well as hydrating vitamin C to help brighten – try it for yourself and just see how great your concealer looks after!

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Now you’re topped up on all things vitamin C, why not add a little orange to your skincare routine?