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Try on a new hair colour with our hair colour filter tool. Simply choose the shade you’d like to try on tosee your new look live or upload a photo for a different way to try-on your colour.


How to use

No need to download

Our Choicify hair colour filter opens automatically, no download required. Simply click the link above to open and the fun can start!

Try different colours

Select the colour you want to try on to view the result on yourself. Next step is to identify your current hair colour so we can recommend the best shade for you.

Your personal recommendation

We take the information you provide and recommend the best hair dye to meet your needs. Our advice is based on real results from separately dyed hair strands to give you the most accurate recommendations.

For technical issues check our trouble shooting tips below.


1. Choose whether you’d like to view your shade live, upload a photo or view on a model

2. Flick through the shades to find the one you’d like to try on

3. Select the shade which matches your current hair colour

4. Once you’ve found a shade which suits you, click through to get your personalised colour recommendations

Please note, as we only believe in quality colour for your hair and, some colour journeys aren’t possible. Choicify will notify you in this case. Our team of Schwarzkopf hairdressers to give advice and help if you have any questions on what you would like to go next.

Give us a call on freephone 0800 328 9214 (UK), 1800 535 634 (Ireland), email us at or ask on social@livecolourhair

Troubleshooting and FAQs

If you find you can’t see yourself in your camera check your browser and or device is fully supported. For IOS, the preview will only work in Safari. The AR technology is currently supported by the following browsers and operating systems.

PC, Camera, 480p, Operating System, Windows 7, MacOS High