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Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD is the first CBD food supplement backed by safety clinical studies, using FDA registered raw material. Every Pureis® CBD product is 0% THC, therefore doesn’t cause a ‘high’ and is non-addictive. So, what is CBD? CBD is short for Cannabidiol. This compound is extracted from the cannabis plant. The way CBD works in our body is through our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This is an internal system in our bodies that interacts with cannabinoids, including CBD.

Pureis® CBD continues to break new ground in the world of CBD, as they conduct further extensive clinical studies. Pureis® CBD is not plant-derived, it mimics the DNA of the plant. This guarantees that CBD contains no other compounds that can occur naturally in the plant. Pureis® CBD is simply Ultra Pure CBD nothing else. You can have complete trust in their high quality, fully certified Pureis® CBD products. Pureis® CBD is designed with exceptional taste in mind, odourless and is suitable for vegans.

Experience the benefits of Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD through the range of products, all formulated to enhance bioavailability to improve absorption. Pureis® CBD capsules offer a convenient daily intake and available in 20mg and 10mg. The Pureis® CBD oil range can be taken using the pipette dropper or conveniently designed spray, can be purchased in a 280mg or 560mg 10ml bottle.

*As per laboratory testing report – to validate please contact: info@pureiscbd.com

**McGeoghie (2019), Gijsbrechts (2020), De Jong (2020), Eurlings (2020), McGeoghie (2020) - to validate please contact: info@ pureiscbd.com