For over 70 years, PIZ BUIN® has been providing sun lovers everywhere with suncare solutions that help them achieve the perfect balance between getting a beautiful tan and the protection they need. In fact, PIZ BUIN® was one of the first to make tanning safer by implementing the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) system in the 1960s. So wherever there’s sun, whether it’s at the beach, on a mountain or in the city, PIZ BUIN® has been there helping people to enjoy life in the sun, safely.

After suffering overexposure to the sun while climbing the Piz Buin alpine peak in 1938, chemistry student, Franz Greiter, developed one of the world’s first sun protection products PIZ BUIN®. Working with his wife, Marga, a trained beautician, they developed a specialist suncare brand dedicated to developing cutting edge sun protection with luxurious skincare for anyone who wanted to enjoy life in the sun. For more than 70 years PIZ BUIN® has been providing holiday lovers everywhere with uncompromising protection so they can get a beautiful tan, whilst Practising Safer Sun.