• Piz Buin


Whether you call it sunscreen, sun cream or sun protection, one thing is for sure – it’s not optional. With 70 years of dedicated sun care experience, we’ve enhanced the ways we keep people protected & beautiful, and have made PIZ BUIN® your ultimate sun care brand. PIZ BUIN® has a diverse sun care range, tailored for a wide variety of skin needs. Whether your skin is sensitive, dry, or hot and bothered from tanning in the sun, you can find your perfect product with PIZ BUIN®.

For those who love bathing in the sun and enhancing their tans, shop the Tan & Protect™ or 1 Day Long ranges.

For those who need to protect their sun-sensitive skin, shop the Allergy range, this range was specially developed with dermatologists.

For those who need intense moisturisation, shop the Moisturising range, which has a unique hydrating complex that helps maintain skin’s natural hydration levels whilst you’re enjoying the sun.

For those who love the slopes, shop the Mountain range, which has special protection for high–altitude sun exposure.