Natural skincare, to help you expertly care for your baby

Our baby range

As midwives, we don’t recommend regular newborn baths, however we know a bath might be the only solution to removing the poo explosion or baby sick. If a wash is needed, we recommend using the most gentle products, without fragrance so you’re minimising the impact on their skin microbiome.

That’s why we’ve developed our baby skincare products to soothe problem areas and create naturally simple, practical solutions that are suitable for the most sensitive skin. After cleaning or bathing, try to build in some skin-to-skin time with your baby.

Why it’s so special?

• Support the development of your baby’s skin from newborn by using our Mega Mild baby skincare range

• Developed by midwives using the most gentle, natural and premium ingredients

• Our baby moisturisers contain ingredients which increase moisture retention for your baby by up to 14% to help reduce dry skin problems

• Use our Super Settle Cleansing Wash and Moisture Milk, with specifically selected essential oils, to settle and soothe common digestive problems from 3 months+

We know how delicate and sensitive a newborn baby’s skin is and how it needs different care to our own skin. A baby’s skin is around 30% thinner and more prone to losing moisture than an adult, so it needs to be cared for carefully. A baby also needs every chance to develop its unique skin flora or microbiome which will help form part of their protection and defence against infections and diseases. That’s why we’ve developed our products to be mega mild from newborn, free from harsh ingredients and introduced essential oils to settle and soothe your baby from 3 months+

From newborn

Use all our mega mild and gentle range from newborn to support your baby’s skin development from birth onwards.


3 months+

Use Super Settle Cleansing Wash and Moisture Milk on your baby from 3 months, with specifically selected essential oils, mandarin, dill, chamomile and frankincense to provide targeted relief from common digestion issues.