Pregnancy & baby skincare FAQs

Learn from Mama Mio’s 18 years of pregnancy skincare expertise

How do I help minimise stretch marks during pregnancy?

By incorporating hydrating products packed full of omegas into your skincare routine.

A major component of our skin is collagen, which is arranged into tight bundles called fibres. The main function of these collagen bundles is to provide structure and support to the skin; but these can ‘pull apart’ and become damaged as your baby grows and stretches your skin.

When this happens, your skin attempts to repair the ‘tears’ by producing more collagen. However, it’s believed that the extra collagen produced is thinner and less organised than ‘regular’ collagenfibres, creating stretch marks with visible differences to regular skin.

It’s understood that improving the skin’s barrier function through the use of hydrating creams, oils and butters rich in omegas can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

At Mama Mio, we harness the power of our unique Omega-Rich Skin Stretch Complex to expertly formulate our stretch mark protection range. From our silky, lightweight Tummy Rub Oil to our rich and creamy Tummy Rub Butter; keep your skin supple, soft and smooth throughout your nine-month stretch and beyond.

How can I help soothe sore boobs and nipples during pregnancy?

By using soothing and hydrating bodycare specifically formulated for growing boobs.

As your levels of oestrogen and progesterone rise throughout your pregnancy, prolactin (the brain hormone associated with lactation) increases the blood flow to your breasts. This can create changes in your breast tissue, and in turn can result in sore, swollen and sensitive to touch boobs.

When your skin is stretching to make way for your little one’s growth, stretch marks can also appear. These can become itchy and need hydration to soothe and, if you’d like to, minimise their appearance.

And it doesn’t stop there, Mama! From 36-37 weeks, you can begin to colostrum harvest, and then when your little one (or ones!) are born, you may begin to breastfeed. If your baby is not positioned or latching quite right, your nipples can become sore, dry and cracked.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Providing comfort to growing and itchy boobs, our Omega-Rich Pregnancy Boob Tube is infused with soothing ingredients including Aloe Vera and the (not-so-secret) answer to tender breasts: Cabbage Leaf Extract. Applying twice a day helps soothe growing boobs, whilst protecting them against stretch marks.

For sore nipples, our Keep Calm Nipple Balm will provide ultimate hydration to soothe this delicate area. Our 100% natural blend of nourishing oils and butters soothe nipples throughout pregnancy and beyond. Our comforting balm is breastfeeding safe too; simply wipe away any excess before baby latches on.

Why do I need baby specific skincare?

One word: sensitivity.

For the first three months, midwives recommend only using water on your baby’s skin as it is most sensitive at this time. From three months onwards, you can help keep their skin nourished and soothed with gentle baby skincare.

A healthy skin barrier is essential for a baby’s wellbeing. It is the first line of defence against irritants, helping to protect the body against infection and disease.

Babies’ immune systems are still developing when they’re born, meaning they are at greater risk of developing irritations and infections. If your baby’s skin barrier breaks down, this can lead to painful, cracked and inflamed skin.

Our skin barrier is protected by lipids and microbiome, which are still developing as infants grow. Baby skin is a lot thinner, more sensitive and more permeable than adult skin, meaning it is more prone to becoming dry and dehydrated. Their delicate skin benefits from using the right baby skincare to help it stay nourished, calm and protected.

Charged with plant-based ingredients, nourishing oils and a 100% natural, calming fragrance, Mini Mio is paediatrician-approved and suitable for sensitive skin. Our expertly formulated Skin-Nurturing Omega Complex protects, soothes and nourishes baby skin, helping enhance those mini moments of care, together.


Every pregnancy is unique, and understandably every pregnancy raises many questions, especially for first time mums! Mama Mio are here to help answer some common pregnancy and baby skincare FAQs, to help prepare you and your skin for what’s ahead. Rest assured, our whole product range at Mama Mio and Mini Mio are pregnancy safe, postpartum safe, and baby safe, which is one less thing to worry about for you, Mama.

Our 18 years of experience means we understand the importance of safe pregnancy and baby skincare, for both mum and her mini. Our highly-effective, feel-good formulations are packed with natural, plant-based actives to deliver results you can see and feel during your pregnancy, supporting your journey into motherhood! We source our packaging and materials responsibly and sustainably to protect our future generations. We are certified vegan, cruelty-free and use 100% natural fragrances, so you can count on us to nourish and nurture your body and mind from bump to baby.

Did you know?

In your first trimester, you should start thinking about introducing skincare around your soon to be growing bump and stretching skin. Introduce Mama Mio’s Tummy Rub Butter for your growing bump. Sensitive to scents? Try our fragrance free version.

In your second trimester, your bump will be beginning to show, so try using specially targeted skincare such as Mama Mio’s Tummy Rub Oil for your growing bump. Love it? Check out our supersize version.

In your third trimester, you’re nearly there Mama! Continue using Mama Mio’s targeted products packed full of plant-based actives to keep your boobs soothed, and bump nourished.

Your fourth trimester is all about your recovery and bonding with your baby. Get ready to nourish your baby’s skin with Mini Mio - paediatrician approved, gentle baby skincare for sensitive skin.