MAM Original Pure

Introducing our new bio-renewable soother

Since 1976, we’ve been developing baby products that are unique in their design, their function and safety. For us, sustainability and a responsible approach are pivotal. For many years we’ve worked towards sustainability. This is why we’re proud to introduce the MAM Original Pure, our first carbon-neutral soother, made from bio-renewable materials.

Our first carbon-neutral soother

Here at MAM, we love babies, and we want to create the best future possible for them. For us, sustainability and a sense of responsibility are crucial right from the start. Which is why we’re passionate about developing products that protect babies’ health and minimize the impact on the environment.

Our MAM Original Pure is:

Carbon neutral

We’ve reduced the CO2 emissions of the product, and to compensate for the unavoidable CO2 emissions, we’re supporting climate protection projects.

Orthodontic & skin friendly

Thanks to its flat, symmetrical shape, the teat fits perfectly in babies’ mouths. Whilst the large air holes and unique MAM dimples on the inside of the shield allow delicate skin to ‘breathe’.

Made from bio-renewable material

The soother button and shield, as well as the practical steriliser box, are made from a bio-renewable material.*

FSC certified

Almost all our packaging is recyclable, and the cardboard and paper content is FSC certified.

What is bio renewable material?

Our new MAM Original Pure soother has all of the same great features as the MAM Original soother. However, the soother button, shield and steriliser box are made from bio-renewable material.

Safety and quality are always our top priority here at MAM, so we knew we had to take the same care and consideration when choosing a more sustainable material. After years of research and numerous tests, we’ve found the best alternative to fossil-based plastic (polypropylene). A material which doesn’t take away from a food source, and can be sterilised often, without losing its composition. This material is bio-circular polypropylene.

And what makes this plastic so special? Bio-circular polypropylene has exactly the same positive properties as fossil-based polypropylene - safety, durability, heat resistance, and breaking strength. Plus thanks to the ISCC PLUS certified mass balance approach, it can be traced back 100% to renewable raw materials*, that is, residues from vegetable oil production and already used vegetable oils.

How is it carbon neutral?

1. Calculate

2. Reduce

3. Compensate

These are the three important steps of carbon neutrality. Carbon-neutral means that the CO2 emissions, calculated along the supply chain, are constantly reduced, and any remaining, unavoidable CO2 emissions are compensated for by supporting climate protection projects.

Did you know?

That by using the MAM self-sterilising travel box you can save up to 77% of CO2 compared to other methods.**


*The soother’s button and shield material is 100% linked to ISCC PLUS certified bio-circular raw material

**Save up to 77% of CO2 Compared to boiling on the stovetop2