In 1879, two scientists – Dr. Joseph Lawrence and Pharmacist Jordan Lambert – joined forces to create LISTERINE®, a powerful formula made from four essential oils. More than 100 years later, those same four essential oils combine to pack a powerful punch against hard-to-reach plaque and germs that can cause bad breath. No other branded mouthwash offers this unique, four-ingredient formula that penetrates to reduce plaque in depth and help keep your mouth clean and healthy. Our fixed combination of eucalyptol, menthol, methyl salicylate, and thymol continues to deliver results.

LISTERINE® is the world’s most clinically researched mouthwash brand** with 137 years of heritage examined in more than 50 clinical trials.

Our range of mouthwashes with essential oils kill up to 99%* of plaque and bad breath-causing germs left after brushing. LISTERINE® Total Care has 10 in 1 benefits, while our Advanced Range formulas are proven to target specific dental concerns such as treating and preventing gingivitis or whitening your teeth.

Brushing your teeth also only targets 25% of your mouth^. LISTERINE® targets virtually the whole mouth for complete oral care. Use LISTERINE® Cool Mint Mouthwash for a cleaner fresher mouth than brushing alone.

Sustainability is also a key component for LISTERINE®. Our clear LISTERINE® bottles are made of the most recycled plastic material in the world, and are 100% recyclable^^.

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*Clinical study, 2011. Excluding Total Care Sensitive, Advanced White Milder Taste, Advanced Defence Sensitive, Advanced Defence Gum Treatment and Smart Rinse.

**For claims verification please call 08082389999.

^From study representing teeth surface area measurements.

^^Safety seal excluded.