Our manifesto

Born in an iconic tattoo studio, rooted in a dream of unrestrained beauty with a nonconformist & fearless spirit, we started a revolution with tattoo-inspired make-up & limitless creativity.

We continue this legacy.

Tattoos are the boldest form of artistic self-expression.

This deeply personal ink shows the world what’s in your heart: a tattoo is the result of something you felt so passionately that is actually becomes a part of you.

Here’s what’s a part of us:

We celebrate the individual

We reject conventional beauty standards & sameness. We accept the beauty of our uniqueness & flaws.

We give a f*ck about the world

We care for our planet & all the beings who inhabit it. We believe outsiders are insiders and stand up for what’s right.

We create high-pigment, high performance make-up

Inspired by tattoo artistry. We give you the tools to live your beauty truth.

Brand manifesto

We stand for

High-performance, vegan & cruelty-free

Our values

We believe in artistry without boundaries.

Our high-pigment, high performance make-up is your toolkit for limitless creativity. We show our whole selves to the world through artistic self-expression.

We believe in the power of reinvention – because of the boldest act of creation happens every day in the mirror.

We support artistry of all kinds – not just make-up – through collaboration & development opportunities.

We celebrate individual expression.

We reject beauty norms & accept all forms of beauty. No sameness allowed – we revel in our unique flaws. We live by progressive & inclusive beauty standards.

We champion social & racial justice. We believe in equity & inclusivity because in our world, outsiders are insiders.

We are world-conscious.

We care for our planet & all beings who inhabit it. We are 100% vegan & cruelty-free. We are committed to becoming more & more sustainable.

We challenge ourselves to use fully recyclable packaging, post-consumer recycled materials & refillable compacts whenever possible.