From fashion shows to perfumes… the same Jean Paul Gaultier essentials. Bottles and essences inspired by his childhood. It all began in 1993 when he chose to exhibit his grandmother’s famous corset on his now famous curvy bottle. Anything but Classique, Gaultier bewitches us all with sensual notes of vanilla, orange blossom and ginger.

Two years later, Le Male stepped ashore wearing his sailor top, torso facing forward in this proud bottle. A fresh burst of lavender, reminiscent of his childhood, captivates the senses to the point of addiction. It was an immediate success. But Jean Paul Gaultier was already having fun with his next creation, Scandal. After the top, his bottles now daringly showed the bottom — bare pink legs atop a dangerously irresistible honey chypre. Sensuality pushes temptation even further with the naked bottles of the original couple, Le Beau and La Belle. And the new Scandal Pour Homme already triumphs as the king of boxers with its unexpected caramel and intense amber woodiness. Powerful creations in cans and velvet cases that seduce while having fun.

*Scandal Absolu and Scandal Pour Homme Absolu exclusivity period runs from 27 March 2024 to 23 April 2024 inclusive. The national launch is 24 April 2024.