We get expert advice on how to manage every hair type in humid weather 

The summer months and warmer weather call for a hair care update. Just as we update our skincare needs with the seasons, our hair care needs change, too. In winter, cold weather can leave hair dry and prone to damage, while in summer, high humidity can induce frizz. 

"Frizz occurs in all hair textures," says Anabel Kingsley, Philip Kingsley brand president and consultant trichologist. "And summer is often the worst time for frizz due to high humidity levels." 

Here, the experts share their top tips and tricks to help humidity-proof your hair for summer. 

What causes frizz & why is my hair frizzy? 

"Frizz is due to temporary changes that occur to the hydrogen bonds in your hair," explains Anabel. "These are very weak bonds found in your strands that are easily broken by the addition of water – and reset by the application of heat." 

While this means that hair can be heat-styled into any look, the results are temporary. "As soon as moisture in the air, aka humidity, touches hair again, strands start to expand, stretch and revert back to their natural configuration and frizz can reappear," says Anabel. 

It’s because of this that many stylists recommend leaving hair in its natural state – be it straight, wavy, kinky or curly – in hot, humid conditions. 

Why is hair prone to frizz in summer?   

"Hair tends to go fluffy and frizzy in hot and humid conditions, when the moisture in the air is greater than the moisture in your hair," says Molecia Seasay, Cantu brand ambassador and celebrity hairstylist. 

Because hair seeks out hydration, the moisture in humid air causes the hair cuticle to rise so the water molecules can enter the hair shaft. "This is what causes strands to change configuration and become frizzy," adds Molecia. 

"How frizz-prone you are depends on your hair’s natural structure – whether it’s straight, wavy or curly – and how porous it is," says Anabel. Although Molecia notes that textured hair types are more prone to frizz. "This isn’t a bad thing," says Michele Scott-Lynch, curl expert and founder of Bouclème. "Frizz is what gives your curls their body and shape." 

How to manage hair in humid weather 

"Frizz can never be completely eliminated," says Michele. "And that’s OK – frizz is a powerful tool for those with nourished, deeply hydrated hair; 10% frizz and 90% definition = the perfect balance of body, volume and shape for curly hair."

From adapting your hair care routine to switching up your style, there are several ways to boost hair hydration and control frizz should you want to. Here’s our top 5:

1. Hydrate hair
2. Seek out certain ingredients
3. Avoid heat styling
4. Style hair when wet
5. Switch up your style 

Read on for all the details.  

#1 Hydrate hair

"Dry hair is more prone to breaking, and broken hair tends to look frizzy," says Anabel. The trick is to lock in moisture. "Hydrate your hair with a weekly pre-conditioning treatment to help prevent damage," advises Anabel. 

For textured hair, Molecia recommends "leave-in conditioners, as well as deep treatments that help retain moisture." And for fine hair, "use a lightweight hair mist that will hydrate hair without weighing it down."

Try: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep Conditioning Treatment (£19.50)

• Size: 75ml

• Pre-shampoo treatment

A total mane-changer, this nutrient-rich conditioning treatment helps strengthen strands and bolsters moisture for smooth-looking, shiny and bouncy hair. Apply pre-shampoo, leave for 20 minutes and then rinse.

Try: Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Leave-In Conditioning Cream (£7.99)

• Size: 340g

• Leave-in treatment

• Made for curls, coils and waves

This leave-in conditioning cream promotes stronger, healthier-looking hair with nourishing shea butter and natural oils. Apply to damp hair and leave on before styling strands as usual.

#2 Seek out certain ingredients

According to Anabel, the key ingredients to look out for are "moisture regulators such as pro vitamin B5, anti-frizz agents like babassu oil and cornstarch, anti-statics such as lanolin, and lightweight silicones." 

These superstar ingredients work by helping to create a barrier between your hair shaft and the humidity in the air. "They tame frizz, discouraging your hair from absorbing excess moisture in the air as you go about your day," says Anabel.

Try: Wonder Water by L'Oréal Elvive Dream Lengths 8 Second Hair Treatment (£9.99)

• Size: 100ml

• Suitable for all hair types

Ideal for long hair that’s dry or damaged, this wonder water is loaded with moisturising agents that form thin layers (called lamella) on the hair to help smooth the surface for sleek-looking results.

Try: Philip Kingsley Finishing Touch Polishing Serum (£22.50)

• Size: 75ml

This lightweight serum is powered by moisture-resistant silicones to make hair look sleek, shiny and frizz-free. Apply through mid-lengths to ends on towel-dried hair.

#3 Avoid heat styling

"I’d recommend avoiding heat-styling tools when it’s hot and humid," says Molecia. Not only do heat styling tools cause damage and thus increase chances of frizz, but the humid air can cause hair to return to its natural state regardless. "Why not embrace your natural hair texture instead?"

#4 Style hair while wet

"My top tip for curly hair types would be to style hair while it’s wet," says Molecia. "This is where you can get the definition of your curls to pop."

Molecia recommends "applying styling products, like curl activator creams, onto wet hair before separating strands with your fingers." The products will help hold strands together for defined curls that are frizz-free.

Try: Bouclème Curl Defining Gel (£15)

• Size: 300ml

• Alcohol-free

• Vegan

This styling staple, loaded with argan oil, aloe vera and pomegranate, is designed to be used on soaking wet hair to help smooth and define curls for lasting hold and zero flyaways.

Try: Boots Curl Crème (£1.99)

• Size: 250ml

A purse-friendly pick for everyday use, this nourishing curl cream helps enhance shine, smooths strands and minimises frizz – all without weighing hair down.

#5 Switch up your style 

"Wear your hair up from time to time," says Molecia. Not only will an updo help keep you cool in the summer months, but it will "protect hair from absorbing moisture in the air."

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