We give you the glow down on maintaining a natural-looking tan this summer

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We all wish for glowy, healthy and hydrated skin during summer, right? While we can’t always rely on the British weather to give us that holiday hue all year round, there’s one product that’s great for serving up some sunshine for our skin. 

Gradual tanners are an effortless and low-maintenance way of achieving a natural-looking tan throughout the year. From finishing your look for a wedding, festival or garden party to a daily ritual to boost your mood, they’re a sun-safe way of perfecting that glowy, sun-kissed look.

Packed with nourishing and hydrating ingredients, Dove’s range of gradual tan body lotions and mousses can help you achieve the summer skin of your dreams. No sunshine? No problem!

Why go gradual?

Of all the faux-glow formulas, gradual tanners are thought to be the best for tanning newbies, or for anyone who’s after a more bespoke bronze.

Gradual tanners help you build up your colour slowly over several days, meaning you have more control over the end result. While you probably won’t see a dramatic difference after your first application, you’ll be able to subtly build up your glow over time from a natural, sun-kissed shade to a deeper golden colour.

Besides the added benefit of boosted hydration, gradual tanners have another major bonus. Forget what you’ve heard – you’re actually less likely to suffer from streaks or missed patches when using a gradual tanner. As you’re applying the product in the same was as your daily body moisturiser, any patches you skip over one day shall be covered the next, resulting in even and natural-looking colour. They’re also less likely to stain your bedsheets!

How to use Dove gradual tanner

As with any method of fake tan, preparation is key. You want to work with a smooth canvas, so buff away any dry patches or dead skin with an exfoliator, paying particular attention to your elbows, knees and heels. If you’re doing any hair removal, make sure you shave or wax your legs up to 24 hours beforehand.

Next, it’s time to choose your favourite formula. Dove has something to suit every skin type and preference, whether you prefer a moisturising body lotion or a lightweight mousse.

Try: Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Medium to Dark Gradual Self-tan Body Mousse

• Size: 150ml

This fast-absorbing, streak-free formula makes it easy to get summer skin all year round. Formulated with natural derived tanners and moisture-boosting ingredients, there’s no stickiness or fuss involved, so you can apply every morning and get on with your day. Shake the can before spraying and gently massage into your skin using a tanning mitt until fully absorbed.

Colour will begin to build from your first application, so continue to apply the gradual tanner daily until you’re happily bronzed. When you’ve reached your perfect shade, you’ll only need to top up once every few days.

Got a natural tan after spending some time in the sun? These gradual tanners are also an effortless way to keep your colour topped up throughout the summer and keep that glow going for longer.

How to use Dove Skin Glow Oil-In-Milk Body Lotion

Once you’ve applied your gradual tan, the Dove Skin Glow Oil-In-Milk Body Lotion can help extend the life of your healthy glow and lock in essential moisture, too. Formulated with natural oils for a nourishing feel, the radiant peach hue is also perfect for enhancing all skin tones. Simply smooth the lotion onto clean, dry skin daily.

Try: Dove Skin Glow Oil-in-Milk Body Lotion

• Size: 200ml

Offering a double-dose of goodness for your skin, this oil-in-milk gives lit-from-within colour while nourishing the skin with niacinamide and vitamin C. Light-reflective particles add an instant luminescent sheen and natural oils help lock in moisture for up to 48 hours.*

By carving out some self-care time in your daily schedule, these gradual tans can nourish your skin, bronze your complexion and leave you feeling tan-tastic this summer.

*A clinical hydration study conducted in 2019 showed significant improvement in hydration at the 48hr time point versus the control sites. Formulation contains active levels of natural sunflower seed oil that helps lock moisture in the skin.