Whether you’re driving, shopping, reading or writing, varifocal lenses have got you covered

No more switching between reading glasses and distance glasses – varifocals lenses can help correct your vision at any distance. Hallelujah!

How do varifocals work?

Rather than having one specific strength across the whole lens (like single vision glasses), varifocal lenses work by gradually changing in strength from the top to the bottom. Fancy, right?

The top part of the lens is set for distance viewing, the middle part is set for intermediate viewing (like when using a computer), and the bottom part is set for close-up viewing. This means that you can check your text messages, use a cash machine and read a road sign all with one pair of glasses. Multitasking has never been easier!

How long does it take to get used to varifocal lenses?

For some, it’s quick and easy to adapt to varifocals. For others, it can take a little bit of practice and persistence.

Varifocal newbies may experience slight disorientation when moving quickly from one viewing zone to the next. If this happens, don’t worry, these sensations are normal and shouldn’t last long.

Our advice? Try to wear your glasses as often as possible to let your brain and eyes adjust.

What's the difference between bifocal & varifocal lenses?

Good question! Bifocals have an obvious line on the lens whereas varifocals have a smooth, unobstructed surface. Another major difference is that bifocals can only help correct two distances, whereas varifocals can help correct all distances.

Varifocals for presbyopia

Ever find yourself ‘long-arming’ while trying to read the menu? Chances are you’ve got presbyopia – an age-related long-sightedness that most of us will experience as we head into our 40s.

The most common way to deal with presbyopia is to wear varifocal frames or multifocal contact lenses. Intrigued? You can learn more about presbyopia here

Types of varifocal lenses

There are lots of different types of varifocal lenses. Depending on your lifestyle and prescription, your optician will help you find a set that’s right for you.

Our varifocal lenses are available in four options:

  • Essential: Our standard varifocal lenses are scratch resistant as standard
  • Enhanced: Our enhanced varifocal lenses are scratch resistant, plus they have fewer reflections. The field of vision is also wider than that of a standard lens. This lens is good for reading & light computer use
  • Advanced: Our advanced varifocal lenses include all of the benefits from our enhanced varifocal lenses, but with a wider field of vision. This lens is recommended if you are regularly changing distances and using the computer or reading for long periods
  • Varilux® Physio: These are our premium varifocal lenses. They come with all of the benefits from our advanced lenses, plus wider fields of vision and great contrast, whatever the situation and in any light conditions. These lenses are modified to the prescription of both of your eyes so that your eyes work better together, resulting in improved focus for smooth transitions between distance to near vision zones and vice versa. 
A graphic shows four options of varifocal lenses available. Varilux Physio is over £290 and includes the widest field of view, scratch resistant, fewer reflections and easy clean features. Advanced varifocal lenses are £200 plus and include an upgraded field of view, scratch resistant, and fewer reflections features. Enhanced varifocal lenses are £130 plus and include an upgraded field of view, scratch resistant and fewer reflections features. Essential varifocal lenses are £50 plus and include upgraded field of view, and scratch resistant features.
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