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Bladder weakness

Get the help and support you need for bladder weakness with advice and products from Boots. People can encounter bladder weakness, at any age. The condition can be managed with the right help. From bladder support medication to products specially designed to manage the symptoms of bladder weakness, you can find a range of products for your condition at Boots.
Boots Pharmaceuticals offers a range of Staydry products to help manage the symptoms of bladder weakness for both men and women. Staydry products available include disposable bed pads and night pants for optimal protection. Boots also offers a line of products to help increase bladder control and pelvic floor muscle strength. These products can assist in managing the symptoms. Weighted vaginal cones and pelvic toners can be integrated into a programme of exercise to help with symptoms of bladder weakness. Pads for bed and seat protection preserve your furniture against the symptoms of bladder weakness with pads for beds and chairs from Boots, with trusted names such as Home craft, Abso and Staydry.
For a hygienic and convenient way to dispose of used pads and pants, choose Sangenic Easiseal products from Boots. The discrete Sangenic bin seals each pad in a scented, antibacterial film for easy disposal.
To enjoy complete freedom, even if you suffer from incontinence, select from a number of pants designed to help with the symptoms of bladder weakness. Choose from high-quality, effective products from Depends, Tena and Staydry for your extra protection.