What to pack for your holiday

With so much to remember, some things can slip through the net

We all holiday differently; whether it’s a week getting back to nature on a camping trip, a 3 day city break whizzing round the sights, a lazy beach break, or even a good old staycation (if the weather holds up!) So we’ve put together all those bits you’ll need to leave you saying ‘holi-yaay!’

For all holidays

First aid kit

Sometimes accidents happen, so make sure you’re equipped with a first aid kit. The Boots Complete First Aid Kit is a good option – the perfect size for your suitcase. It includes sterile wipes, dressings, bandages and burn gel sachets, plus a guide with advice on how to deal with a range of injuries.

Bite & sting relief

Just in case you do get a pesky insect bite or two, you may want to consider having with you some bites and stings relief. So look out for one that can help relieve pain, itching and swelling caused by insect bites and stings. If you take a suitable insect repellent with you as well, you should be covered.

Sun protection

Always choose a sun cream with high levels of UVA and UVB protection to help protect your skin from the damaging effects of UV rays such as skin cancer, sun burn, premature ageing, sun allergies and pigmentation marks. Look out for the UVA rating – aim for a five star rating like Soltan for unbeatable protection and wear at least SPF15 to shield from UVB rays.

If you’re swimming or exercising, choose a water-resistant formula and make sure to reapply once you’re back out the water or after showering once you’ve finished exercising. Remember to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going in the sun and reapply sunscreen every two hours during the day. Don’t forget that your hair and scalp needs protection too, so protect it with an SPF spray and cover up with a hat. Remember to bring after sun with you to add moisture to and soothe skin after being in the sun.

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