Earwax Removal Service

Why choose this service?

Earwax is a natural waxy substance produced by your ear. It's something that everyone has, as it helps protect your ear canals and is therefore vital to maintain your ear health.

It's a mixture of things but usually consists of dead skin cells, secretions from the ear such as cerumen (a wax-like substance), dust etc.

It protects your ears by:

  • Preventing water from going into your ear
  • Trapping dirt and dust
  • Reducing the growth of bacteria and fungi

For most people, earwax is naturally removed and will come out by itself. However, some people find that earwax builds up and blocks the ear canal which then may require removal. It's estimated that 2.3 million people each year have problems with earwax that they require support with1.

Start your journey in-store, view all of the locations where we offer our Ear Wax removal service. 

  • St Albans, 9 St. Peters St, St. Albans, Hertfordshire Al1 3DH. Phone number: 01553 772427
  • Kings Lynn, 94 -96 High Street, Kings Lynn PE30 1BL. Phone number: 01733 312211
  • Coventry Lower Precinct, 49 The Precinct, Coventry CV1 1DS. Phone number: 01905 726868 
  • Piccadilly Circus, 44 -46 Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus, London W1B 5RA. Phone number: 020 7734 6126
  • White City, Westfield Shopping Centre, London W12 7HT. Phone number: 020 8743 8432 
  • Worcester, 72 -74 High Street Worcester WR1 2EU. Phone number: 01905 726868

What causes excess earwax?

There can be a variety of reasons why people have excess earwax & need support removing it:

  • You may naturally produce earwax quicker than the ear removes it, which can then cause a build up and blockage
  • You may have a smaller ear canal, which leads to a build-up
  • As you get older, particularly over 50, your earwax begins to dry and your hair in the ear canal becomes thicker which causes blockages
  • Using cotton buds can push earwax deeper into the ear
  • Hearing aids, earplugs and in ear headphones may push earwax deeper in to the ear

Signs you need earwax removal

Earwax buildup can lead to the following symptoms:

  • hearing loss
  • earache
  • feeling like your ears feel blocked
  • tinnitus (a persistent ringing or buzzing in your ears)
  • itching in your ears

These can all be signs that you may need earwax removal.

You can book into a location near you to see one of our specially trained healthcare team who can examine your ears and remove the build-up.

Is this service right for you?

The earwax removal service is suitable for adults aged 18 years and over. The service is not suitable if you have:

  • a current ear infection
  • recently (within 90 days) had ear surgery
  • suddenly lost your hearing (within one week)

If you do have any questions then contact your local store, which provides the Boots Earwax Removal Service

Book your appointment

Book your appointment online or in-store. Find a store that offers the Earwax Removal Service by visiting our store locator & selecting 'pharmacy services'.

Before your appointment

It would help if you used olive oil spray or drops once or twice a day for up to five days before your appointment. This helps soften your earwax making it easier to remove. 

Attend your appointment

During the 30-minute appointment, a trained healthcare team member will examine your ear and remove earwax if present.

* £60 is the service fee. If we can't help you, there's no charge. Latest methods- no syringing needed. Quick 30-minute appointment. We can usually remove earwax in a 30-minute appointment. It is rare to need more than one appointment.

2Access to prescription-only treatment is subject to an online consultation with a clinician to assess suitability. Subject to availability. Charges apply.

Eligibility criteria and charges apply. Available in selected pharmacies, subject to availability.

 The NHS Blood Pressure Check Service is for adults aged 40 years and over who do not currently have a diagnosis of hypertension, adults under 40 years of age who have a recognised family history of hypertension may be tested at the discretion of the pharmacist, and adults who have been referred by their GP

32Supply of treatment is subject to a suitability assessment. In most stores in England only. Subject to availability and store opening hours. Charges may apply.

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