Keep it handy!

Let’s start with the serious bit. If you or anyone in your household or support bubble has to self-isolate, it’s super important that you follow your government advice and not leave your house or mix with other people. Only leave your house to get a free NHS COVID-19 (coronavirus) test.

If you do find yourself isolating at home, it’s useful to have enough of what you need – no more, no less – to get you through the isolation period. If you notice you’re running low on the basics from Boots, it’s time to add them to your shopping list. We’ve put together a handy checklist to help you out – take a look!


Dettol Antibacterial Cleansing Surface Wipes (3 x 30 Pack Bundle)

If you or someone you live with has tested positive, you’ll need to disinfect surfaces and touch-points like door handles, taps and remote controls. These wipes do just the job and they’re OK to use on surfaces in the kitchen too.

Keeping you healthy

Vitamin D helps to keep your bones, teeth, muscles and immune system healthy and our main source of it comes from the sun. As we’re spending less time outside and more time inside, we may not be getting enough sunlight – that’s where a daily vitamin D supplement comes in. The government recommends adults and children over the age of one should consider taking a daily vitamin D supplement, especially during the autumn and winter.

Energy release

Packed full of B vitamins (eight of them if you didn’t know), Berocca can help you keep going throughout the day. Vitamins B1 and B2 work with your body to naturally generate energy from your food, while vitamin B12 contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells – helping to reduce tiredness and fatigue.*

*Food supplements are intended to supplement the diet and should not be substituted for a varied diet or healthy lifestyle.

Quick relief

If it’s suitable for you to take, keep some paracetamol handy if you’ve got aches and pains or a high temperature associated with COVID-19. Paracetamol is usually the first choice when it comes to painkillers as it has fewer side effects.

Always read the label
Active ingredients: Paracetamol

Target symptoms

There's been some news reports about anti-inflammatory painkillers, like ibuprofen, making symptoms of COVID-19 worse. Rest assured, there’s no evidence to suggest that taking ibuprofen makes symptoms worse. If it’s suitable for you, ibuprofen can help relieve symptoms of coronavirus, like a high temperature.

Always read the label

Active ingredients: Ibuprofen

Psst! Don’t forget to check out our health and pharmacy range. It’s packed full of the everyday essentials like toothpaste and sanitary products – things to add to your isolation checklist!


COVID-19 testing

Explore the range of private COVID-19 testing services, including pre-travel, post-travel & at-home testing*

How to look after your mental health after a positive COVID-19 test

Remember that it's OK to not be OK

*Our COVID-19 tests are not suitable for anyone with symptoms of COVID-19, or anyone who thinks they may have COVID-19.