Our top tips for if & when you’re feeling ready to get your body moving again

Whether you’re staying at home because you have COVID-19 (coronavirus) symptoms or you’re following government guidance, it’s important to find things to do to help keep you busy. If you think you’d benefit from a touch of exercise (if you feel up to it), there are plenty of ways you can at home without needing any special equipment.

Can I exercise if I have COVID-19?

The answer is simple – it’s totally up to you and depends on how you feel. If you do choose to exercise you must stay at home. Regular exercise is good for you but remember to be kind to yourself. Whatever you decide to try, start gently and introduce new activities slowly. Don’t push yourself too hard, take your time and set small goals.

It’s normal to feel more tired and have less energy than usual – this may last for up to six to eight weeks. You may also feel weak and breathless. You should be able to speak a sentence when you are exercising. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, stop and rest for as long as you need.

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Exercise activities to try at home

Being active helps us all become stronger and fitter. Let’s guide you through a few things you could try if you want to exercise whilst at home. Remember to only do what’s right and works for you – take it at your own pace.

Focus on your day-to-day activities

If you want to move around and get up off the sofa but you’re not ready for a workout, try tackling a few chores you’d usually do. Any amount of physical activity, however small, is good for you. Tasks like vacuuming or cleaning will help get you on your feet and ticking them off your to-do list is also great for your mental health. If you’re working from home or just finding yourself sitting more, try to stand and walk around your house every 30 minutes or whenever you're on the phone.

Gentle stretches & yoga

Yoga is a safe and effective way to increase and improve your physical activity, strength, flexibility and balance. Taking the time to stretch every day is a great way to re-introduce exercise into your routine. It’s OK to keep it simple. A study has shown that regular, low-intensity exercise can help reduce fatigue by 65 percent in inactive people.

Online classes

If you’re feeling good and missing working up a sweat in the gym, there’s plenty you can do to still get your heart pumping from the comfort of your home. From HIIT workouts to new dance routines to learn, take advantage of all the free exercise classes available online.  However you like to stretch, move or jump, there’s something out there for everyone to try.

We’re all different and if you’re not feeling ready to exercise right now then that’s totally fine (you can check out our list of isolation activities to keep you busy instead). The most important thing to remember is not to be too hard on yourself. If you’re not feeling your best for whatever reason, listen to your body and allow yourself to rest. As well as exercise there are lots of other ways to help keep yourself healthy whilst you’re at home, including fuelling your body with healthy, nutritious foods, drinking enough water (aim for six to eight glasses each day) and getting enough sleep every night.


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