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FOREO stands for wellbeing and feeling as good as you look. It supports nurturing yourself through a deep fusion of the latest technologies, award-winning design, and knowledge of natural skin processes.

Proudly born in Sweden in 2013, FOREO blurred the lines between beauty, innovation and tech and quickly expanded into a progressive worldwide skin-tech leader. We create easy-to-use, ergonomic, beautifully designed devices using premium grade materials.

From the world’s first silicone sonic facial brush FOREO LUNA™ to the two minute full-facial with UFO™… here we are, 30M happy patrons later and still dedicated to a mission to find better ways of taking care of oneself. Proud of delivering visible, lasting pro-level results at home from the very first use, we believe our job is to find how to do things better. Yours is to enjoy living in your skin.