Hair Brilliance.

Started by an innovator more than 80 years ago, the iconic Denman brand remains a leading light in haircare today.

The journey has been a brilliant one – from the roots of a brother creating a hairbrush to style his sister’s hair to the incredible tool being used by superstar hairdresser, Vidal Sassoon.

In the realm of hairdressing, Denman hairbrushes are an essential part of any stylist’s toolkit. With a wide selection of detanglers, stylers,
paddles, vents and curling brushes, Denman will take care of all your hair needs.

The world-famous D3 Original Styler is what Denman is renowned for in more than 60 countries across the globe, and it has proved its versatility time and time again in creating brilliant hair. Whether it be blow-drying, styling, smoothing, or defining curls, the D3 has got it all.

Always looking ahead, Denman will continue to demonstrate an unrivalled commitment to quality, performance, and innovation. Working alongside world-leading stylists, Denman’s motto is simple – ‘Hair Brilliance’ – striving to create hair brilliance for everyone.