At Burt’s Bees, when we say ‘natural’, we mean natural. We strive for 100% natural origin with each product we make and all our products are over 95% natural origin. Burt’s Bees believe you’re at your most beautiful when what you put on your body is from nature – after all, what goes onto your body goes into your body.

Burt’s Bees formulations support your skin with the nutrients it needs – and none of the chemicals it doesn’t. From beeswax to baobab, clary sage to shea butter, at Burt’s Bees we have made it our mission to source our ingredients responsibly. A passion for quality leads us all over the world – and no matter where Burt’s Bees go, we respect the communities, individuals and environments from which we source.

Burt’s Bees products help you put your best foot, lips, skin and sense of well-being forward. Every day. Available in: Lip Care and Lip Care with Colour, Mama Bee, Baby Bee, Hand and Body Care. Recycle your Burt’s Bees products with Terracycle.

Over the years, Burt’s Bees has become a global natural, conscious skincare brand.