Meet Phantom!

Our first connected fragrance

The essence of self confidence, fuelled by feel good energies. Phantom is a fragrance designed to make you feel powerful and sexy.

A futuristic aromatic addiction

Born from the clash between luxury craftmanship & new-tech. A mind-bending fragrance based on two clashing accords: an energizing flash of lemon and patchouli, colliding into the sexiness of creamy lavender and woody vanilla.

Discover the ingredients

Eco-conscious Italian lemon – energising fusing lemon

Organic lavandin absolute – addictive creamy lavender

Responsibly sourced madagascan vanilla – sexy woody vanilla

With responsibly and ethically sourced ingredients, Phantom is vegan and cruelty free.

Our first connected fragrance

Phantom is your thrilling ally, to keep by your side and collect. More than a bottle, Phantom is our first connected fragrance. Tap your phone on your bottle, connect to Phantom Universe and discover exclusive content.

How to connect your phone

Phantom, the energising new Paco Rabanne aftershave with uplifting lemon and woody vanilla for a powerful dose of feel-good. Discover at