Ready to start your quit smoking journey?

We know quitting smoking isn’t an easy task. At times you may want to pack it all in and have another cigarette. When this happens, take a
moment to think of all the positives that come with being smoke-free.

Explore our success stories to find that added motivation to kick-start your journey and help stop smoking for good.

Nicorette® My Quit Guide

By having a plan in place, we know you are less likely to face
challenges during your quit journey.

That’s why we have created My Quit Guide to help you match your
smoking habits with different quitting strategies that can work for you.

First, set a date! Choose a date to quit smoking and stick with it. It’s a great way to mentally prepare to stop smoking. Download now to
start your quit journey.


Paul’s quitting journey

“I can do this so therefore you can do this, it’s really, really good having energy and being smoke free.”

Week 0 – My name is Paul Andrew Goldsmith. I smoke on a day to day basis between 7 to 10 cigarettes. I really want to give up because I’m turning 40 in a few weeks and I didn’t want to enter my 40s as a smoker. However my main motivation has got to be my children.

Week 2 – I have been using distraction techniques alongside the NRT, I’m using the Nicorette® QuickMist Spray. I’m distracting myself with reading, playing with the kids and computer games.

Week 6 – It’s been quite a challenge the last week. It was my birthday and I had a few drinks which normally combine with a cigarette. Luckily I didn’t but it was very, very hard not to. I have been using the Nicorette® app on Facebook which is great because it throws tips and motivation out there.

Week 8 – I have used the money I have saved over the last seven weeks to go towards a little trip away. I’m finding my health is better, I have got so much more energy and I’m less tired.

Week 10 – Im so, so happy I have managed to get this far without smoking, feeling this way is wonderful. Having so much more energy to play with my kids and do the things that I love is such a motivator.

3 months – This time, using a quit plan, it kind of gave me a structure. I think that’s what I never had in the past – a structure. I just did the ‘I’m going to give up smoking’.


Tiana’s quitting journey

“You only live once so it’s much better to live smoke free.”

Week 0 – I’m Tiana, I’m 31, I can have from 5 to 10 cigarettes a day and on a night I can have up to 20. A lot of my friends are having babies and getting married, because they have those things in their lives then actually giving up smoking I am almost like the last woman standing. It’s time to quit.

Week 1 – Day 3 of not being a smoker anymore I promised myself I was going to get better at getting up this hill. I’m going to give it a go and hopefully the next time I do it, it won’t be as painful.

Week 4 – I had a little slip up, I’ve had one cigarette and that was just out at the Christmas party and do you know what it was? I didn’t have my Nicorette® inhalator with me. Still going to keep on track, I’m not going to give up.

Week 6 – I actually feel the happiest I have ever felt. I’m going out on walks on my own, I’m cycling more, I’m going for jogs. I brought a
smoothie maker and what I have been doing is trying to replace my cigarette cravings with actually a healthy smoothie.

Week 9 – I think this attempt has been more successful because I have changed the way I’m looking at my smoking habits. When I do go out with my friends I’m not popping off on my own to go have a cigarette, I’m there for the whole thing.

3 months – I’m at the end of my quit time journey, but actually I think it’s just the beginning because I have this whole life ahead of me of being smoke free and I’m quite committed to maintaining that.



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