The Gillette Skin Care range

Whether you’re sporting a clean-shaven look or rocking a beard, your skin needs regular care and maintenance. Need a practical routine that delivers comfortable, healthy-looking results even on sensitive skin? Just follow these three simple steps.

Gillette SKIN Face Wash

1. Prepare

No matter which facial hair style you prefer, healthy-looking skin all starts with cleaning. Gillette SKIN Face Wash is designed to gently remove natural debris and skin secretions – every day, just massage a small amount onto damp skin, then rinse and pat dry. Formulated with mild cleansers and a low level of menthol for a fresh skin feel, it leaves skin looking healthy. It also softens facial hairs, making them easier to cut when you shave.


Gillette SKIN Shave Gel, Shave Cream & Shave Mousse

2. Protect

Optimise your shave by protecting your skin. By using Gillette SKIN Shave Gel, SKIN Shave Cream or SKIN Shave Mousse, you’ll enjoy a cushioning layer between the blades and the skin, while lubrication technology reduces friction and minimises irritation. Begin by splashing water on your face, put a small amount of gel, cream or mousse in your palm, then apply it evenly across the skin for a comfortably slick glide. When you’ve finished your shave, rinse off the remains before moving onto the final step.


Gillette SKIN Moisturiser & Post Shave Balm

3. Care

To get the best results from a face care regime, you should always follow up your shave by hydrating your skin. Like the rest of the SKIN range, Gillette SKIN Moisturiser is made without alcohol or dyes, is enriched with Shea butter and Vitamin E, and is certified by the British Skin Foundation. If you prefer a light, more fluid formula, use Gillette SKIN Post Shave Balm instead. To soothe and replenish post-shave skin, apply a small amount of moisturiser or balm to your hands, then gently rub it into your face and neck. For healthy-looking skin, shop Gillette SKIN now.