Introducing Gillette Labs

Your morning routine just got easier

Effortless and exfoliating shaving in one stroke. Discover the perfect products for your morning routine with Gillette Labs.

Gillette Labs Shave Foam & Shave Gel

A shave that leaves you smooth as silk

A can of Gillette Labs Shaving Foam saves valuable time in the morning. Quick to use, it gives you a comfortable, irritation-free shave and the smooth finish that you crave. Lather up and start the day right with a quick and easy shave from Gillette.

Want a smooth finish, long-lasting results, and skin that begs to be
touched? That’s what you’ll get with Gillette Labs Shave Gel, the perfect addition to your morning routine. Turn shaving from a tiresome chore into a fun experience, and enjoy a perfect finish that lasts all day.


Gillette Labs Razor with Exfoliating Bar & Blades with Exfoliating Bar

A razor to change your routine

Ready to bring your shaving routine into the future? Gillette Labs Exfoliating Razor comes with a built-in exfoliating bar, a unique pivot system, and powerful blades. Enjoy better results in less time with this mighty razor, carefully designed to give you the best shaving experience yet.

Who says shaving can’t be fun? Gillette Labs Blades with Exfoliating Bar will turn your morning shave routine upside down. The latest research and technology has gone into the development of these cartridges, giving you the best shave ever. Prepare to be amazed by your razor.


Gillette Labs Moisturiser

Wave goodbye to shaving rash

Shave irritation, rashes and in-grown hairs are all common problems. Gillette Labs fast absorbing moisturiser can address these helping to make your grooming routine effortless by fortifying the skin’s moisture barrier over time. Use daily as a final step to your shaving regime or whenever you want smooth, moisturised skin. Make it part of your daily routine for a silky smooth finish.