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New innovation for menopausal skin

The Super Restorative range is ideal for all women experiencing the effects of hormonal changes associated with menopause, and has been formulated to support the skin during this stage of a woman’s life.


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What is Menopause?

Menopause marks a new phase of life for a woman. In the simplest of terms, it means that you have gone 12 full months without a period. The cause of menopause is a natural process as part of ageing when our body’s hormone production begins to change. The exception to this is if surgery or chemotherapy causes an early menopause.

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Effects Of Menopause On The Skin

The skin is a hormone dependent organ and the changes in hormones during peri and the start of post-menopause result in the skin becoming unbalanced. This disruption means that the skin struggles to protect itself during the day as well as reactivate itself at night. This can result in signs of ageing becoming more visible such as slackening, loss of density, more fragile skin, wrinkles, dark spots, dryness.

Super Restorative has been specifically formulated to assist women during menopause, from when symptoms start in the peri-menopause stage, through to when they stop during the post menopausestage. Once skin has regained its balance, Nutri-Lumiere becomes its perfect partner.

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New Innovation

The key ingredient, Harungana Extract, acts on five key signs of ageing and is as effective as retinol. Combined with Organic Gorse Extract, which helps to fight against skin’s slackening induced by menopause, the new day & night creams leave the skin lifted and radiant, whilst wrinkles are reduced.

Visible Results
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of women say that it’s the perfect Day/Night duo to regenerate the skin**


of women say that thanks to this Day/Night duo, the skin regains perfect balance, for a visibly younger-looking appearance**

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*Clinical study on 46 women who applied a base containing organic harungana extract (% identical to that of finished product) for a period of 56 days.

**Consumers test, 111 women, 28 days. Super Restorative Day Cream all skin types following of 14 days in duo with Super Restorative Night Cream all skin types.