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Don’t let time define you

Sensica anti-ageing

Is your face looking back at you slightly differently? We get it. Life is busy! Crow’s feet, eleven lines, expression lines, laughter lines – you name it, we can tackle it. And that’s just wrinkles. You need innovative, clinically proven technologies to target the signs of ageing* whilst seamlessly fitting into your busy schedule.


The bad news – did you know your collagen production levels decrease as you age?

The good news – age really can be just a number. Lift, tighten and reduce wrinkles without a needle in sight with Sensilift. Sensica’s leading patented Dynamic Radio Frequency Technology (DRF™)** contains both an intelligent sensor technology that monitors your skin condition and a unique dual-action facial massage that enhances better penetration of the RF wave lengths. These act simultaneously across different layers of the skin, stimulating the generation of new collagen production deep within the epidermis.

Say hello to fast, effective and pain-free long-term real results from home† – five minutes, once aweek.

Sensilift review^: “My skin feels tighter even after just one use” – Elena B

Sensilift MINI

An intelligent anti-ageing device offering an intensive treatment for targeted areas.

Salon worthy focused radiofrequency skin tightening packed into a light, compact device that packs a powerful punch. Specifically designed to rejuvenate the delicate areas around the eyes and lips with immediate visible results.

The Sensilift MINI is an effective, easy to use and safe device. Powered by Intense RF™ technology, the RF thermal energy is delivered to the deeper dermal layers of the skin, promoting collagen synthesis and provides a deeply lifting effect.

The unexpected results – a more radiant, toned and happier you, restoring your confidence in your authentically real beauty.

Sensilift MINI review^: “With Sensica they really want you to get the best out of the product to maximise your results” – Kristin M

Sensilift before & after


*A smart device with dual action: RF and facial massaging. Our objective was to determine the safety and efficacy of the Sensilift, when used in a home setting, for non-invasive treatment of mild to moderate facial wrinkles of adult women.
**Patented Dynamic Radio Frequency Technology (DRF™) Authorised patent.

^Review taken from Sensica website users.