Over 30 years of scientific research has enabled Almased to become the No.1 weight loss product in Germany*

Almased is an evidence-based meal replacement made from natural, nourishing ingredients. Today, extensive clinical testing by a team of global medical scientists has been conducted on the product. Past and present research has explored the effect Almased has on body weight**, satiety**, the retention of muscle mass† and blood sugar management††. These factors, particularly the retention of muscle, all influence metabolic activity and show the absolute effectiveness Almased has in achieving and maintaining weight loss in addition to its many other benefits.

Recent scientific studies have shown that when compared to a normal 2,000 calorie diet, Almased resulted in a greater number of calories being expended over 24 hours, increased fat burning and a greater amount of body fat loss‡. Such scientific achievements have resulted in Almased being published in leading global medical journals. Little wonder why Almased is a No.1 selling product in weight loss!*


Featured in renowned scientific journals:

• European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

• The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

• The International Journal of Obesity

• The Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics

• Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism

• Diabetes Care

• Nutrients

• Obesity Reviews

• Nutrition Journal

• BMC Women’s Health Journal

In addition, Almased’s low glycaemic index and exceptionally low glycaemic load has resulted in the product being beneficial for those with Type 2 diabetes.


• Greater calorie and fat burning vs a normal 2,000 calorie diet.‡

• Clinically proven weight loss versus a fat-restricted, low-calorie diet.**

• Reduces body fat without loss of essential muscle mass.†

• Low glycaemic index and glycaemic load. Suitable for those with Type 2 diabetes.††

• Supported by science. 30 years of scientifically proven results.

• Packed full of essential nutrients to support a healthy immune system.‡‡

• Wholesome and natural. Contains no artificial flavours, fillers, preservatives or stimulants.

• Non-GMO, gluten-free and vegetarian.

• Optimum sports nutrition. 33g of protein when mixed with 200ml of low-fat milk.

• Produced in Germany to the highest quality and nutritional standards.



Incorporate Almased into your balanced diet for timely, effective weight loss


Achieve your healthy weight loss goal over an extended period of time



*Euromonitor International (2020). To verify, contact nutritionist@almased.co.uk.

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‡‡Vitamin C and Zinc contribute to the normal function of the immune system.